This free script font is bold and upbeat while embodying tradition and family. sample text in monoton font 8. Monotonous Monoton is a bold, serif display type font consisting of multiple lines: shy brands abstain! The structure of the letters is simple but the Croatia Phone Numbers List space evokes power and movement. Consider using Monoton if your logo consists of only one wordmark or minimal logo block. sample text in righteous font 9. Righteous Righteous is another space-themed font with an Art Deco influence.

She owes her alien character to small details such as her slanted tiny E and rounded Ws. At the same time, its modern elegance makes it very suitable for a brand in the fashion or music industry. font-ideas-for-logos 10. Satisfy Satisfy is a straightforward script font with a fluid and sophisticated look. It lends itself to multiple industries and evokes quality, softness, and of course, satisfaction. While readability is important, you can be more flexible and artistic when it comes to font ideas for your logo. Many wordmarks use large fonts or consist of all capital letters for clarity.

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You can also change the proportions of a font or change a letter or two. Determine which styles you like and explore them in depth to find unique combinations. The most important thing is to create a visual symbol that your audience will easily recognize. As long as the font accurately represents your brand, you are free to be as classic or creative as you want. Besides being dissonant, the visual clutter will make your potential customers feel like your business is just as chaotic. If you create too many focal points, most people will go their way.

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Get rid of any unnecessary content and design a double-sided business card to distribute information. Poor color choices can ruin a good design for one or more of the following reasons: The color scheme does not match your brand. The color palette carries connotations incompatible with your sector. The colors create a visual contrast that is unpleasant to the eye. Color associations create a cheesy or amateurish result. The color palette includes too many saturated hues that clash.


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Learn how colors interact on paper and affect the balance of the composition. For example, light-colored fonts are difficult to read on a light background. Collecting tons of colors can also wreak havoc on the eyes. While your brand colors should be used as a starting point, sometimes it is wise to make small changes to promote readability. Test adding negative space to break up the composition. Avoid extremely thin line weights, and cutouts of letters in the text.

Another option is to use a simplified version of your logo that uses fewer colors and a solid background. The visual elements are then still recognizable but easier to process for the readers. 9. Strange proportions You don’t have to be a professional designer to recognize a good business card. Well-designed business cards naturally strike the right balance and sow the seeds of brand recognition. They immediately send the right message and guarantee a positive first impression. Although we don’t always realize it, the shapes and proportions influence our perception in very subtle ways.

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