Note : the more your podcast is listened to, the more Google will promote it. But what are the rules to keep in mind? As with text content, choose your keywords before recording your episode. These are terms to be used orally during your episode and preferably from the introduction. These are also keywords to include in the title of your episode. This is why it is important to prepare your episode and its structure well to put the odds in your favor. To give you an idea of ​​which keywords to use based on your predefined theme, I recommend using Micronesia Email List , which is a free online tool.

To do this, enter your idea of ​​keywords to get its search volume: Ubersuggest – enter your keyword idea to get its search volume But also, ideas related to your keyword: Ubersuggest – ideas related to your keyword Thus, you quickly establish the plot of your episode, by orienting the themes addressed around these keywords. Another tip : take care of the description of your podcast, repeat your main keywords in the description, structure your text with captions and frequently asked questions. You can also automatically transcribe your audio to text.


What We Don’t Want To Tell You!

This is a plus for your description page in order to better reference it. In most cases, you just have to proofread the transcript to refine the text. Create a web page for your podcast Your podcast is available on podcast platforms like Spotify or Apple Podcasts … But that’s no reason to neglect your own podcast page. As explained above, creating a web page for your podcast on your business website allows you to gain visibility for your business or for your podcast. For this, we must use the classic SEO rules: Write consistently enough for the page to position itself And respect a certain fluidity for your readers.


You will have to choose your main keyword for this page and embellish it with other keywords that are related to the same lexical field to create strength in the words used. By doing this, Google will easily understand what your page is about and make it easier to rank your site. This page is the equivalent of a product page. You should take the same care. So take the time to build something impactful, that looks like you and that Google likes. Use a catchy title, captions, Quality text that clearly describes the topic you are discussing in your podcast, Place calls-to-action, some pictures, your latest episodes and you’re done!


The Routine For Writing Content Regularly

What if you didn’t need to create your podcast? What if you didn’t need to create your podcast to benefit from the SEO Podcast? It’s true, since the beginning of the article, I explain how to be well referenced thanks to your podcast and how to refer it well. But what if I told you that it is not essential to manage your own podcast to improve the SEO of your website? Concretely, you can work very well with interventions in podcasts other than yours.

Marketing experts call it Guest Podcasting, like Guest Posting . Simply get invited and talk about a subject that you are an expert on, a subject where you feel comfortable giving yourself visibility. Also in the description of the episode where you appear, there will logically be a presentation of who you are with a link that redirects to your business site. And in addition to gaining backlinks, you will gain visitors and possibly potential customers. To implement this strategy, it’s very simple. First, make sure you know your target well to know the topics that interest them, what podcasts are they likely to listen to …

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