How to get more leads with SEO? Now ask yourself these few questions: How to generate leads? Why are your prospects clicking on your link on the Google results page? How to customize your ad and landing page to increase your Qatar Email List rate? Here are my 3 common sense tips to turn undecided internet users into customers. 1. Improve your click-through rate Your click-through rate (CTR) has a direct impact on conversions. Google Ads and click-through rate Google Ads gives you the click-through rate for each of your ads.

This is a nice percentage whose value does not necessarily speak to you. First of all, the obvious. If you increase your CTR, you will have more clicks on your ads and therefore more traffic (source Le Droit De Réussir by Loric Sacarrère ). In addition, a study conducted by Wordstream tells us that: Google Ads ads in the higher positions naturally have a higher CTR than those in a lower position . Ads in the higher positions naturally have a higher CTR than those in a lower position. Wordstream also tells us that the average click-through rate in Google Ads across all sectors is 3.17% for text ads. Finally, this study lists the average click-through rates by business sector.


Start By Explaining The Influence Of Search Engines


Finally, this study lists the average click-through rates by business sector. Start by knowing how you stack up against other companies in your industry. And take the actions that are going well to get you closer to the best. Since an ad on Google Ads is mainly composed of: From a title with a subtitle, From a description, And a URL, It is a question of working with care all these small texts to encourage Internet users to click. Organic search and click-through rate But the click-through rate (CTR) is also important for the traffic you generate from the results of the Google search page.


Digital Marketing experts call it organic traffic. It is also one of the search criteria of the Google algorithm. In short, the more people click on your URL from Google, the higher you go in the rankings. So instead of stuffing your pages with long tail keywords , spend some time improving your click-through rate. For this, since Google displays: The title of your content, Its meta description, Its url. It is a question of optimizing these 3 texts to make them hyper attractive to the point where Internet users will prefer to click on your title than on that of the competing page located above you in the search page.


Follow Up With The Objective Of Seo

To be continued: the most effective trick to encourage an Internet user to click on your page: publish a catchy title! On the same subject : Google Search Console: Improve your natural referencing 2. Write a catchy headline The word “clickbait” means nothing to you! It’s not serious ! It is not rocket science, nor complicated. It’s just a matter of making your title catchy, intriguing, direct … enough for Internet users to click on it. So if it’s easy, then what’s difficult? The answer : find that famous catchy headline when you’re not an expert in headline writing. What’s a catchy title? To put it simply, a good title is made up of 4 parts: The type of content : a list of points, a “How to”, a quiz, a Guide…

The Subject : do not forget to include the main keyword of your content, The format : a website, a pdf file, an article … The promise : the reason why the Internet user will become “better” after reading your content. Then add a little emotion to surprise Internet users. Obviously, don’t forget to vary the structure of your titles according to your content to avoid monotony. Now that you have a method for writing your headlines, let’s see how to find the best one. How to find the winning title? My tip is to: List several titles in accordance with your content.

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