You know the saying “a picture is  Uruguay Phone Number List  worth a thousand words”. This rule is also true for images on your business website. Upon closer inspection, I have found numerous studies that show the impact that having great images on your business website can have: An increase in the credibility of the site and its content by 75%, Articles and web pages that contain images get an average of 94% more visits, On Twitter and Facebook, adding a royalty-free image to a post is linked to a doubling of the number of shares! And Laurent also listed these 3 reasons:

Images and photos improve the SEO of your site, increase the conversion rate and increase your visibility on social networks. In short, good quality photos improve the user experience and your positions on Google by decreasing the bounce rate. Therefore, no need to think twice, you need to add beautiful and relevant images (and in reasonable quantity). So I asked myself the following question: Where can I find royalty-free photos and images to insert on #audreytips? Contents [ display ] Free or paid images? A question of quality … Free or paid images? A question of quality … As with many things on the Web, there are free services, but also quality…

Conclusion On Finding Royalty-free Images To Illustrate Your Website

free! This is really the case with the databases of royalty free images online. Most sites offering free use (including for commercial use) only offer average quality images, made by amateurs / enthusiasts, and which we can see are not pros. If you choose the paid offers, you find the big players, but also newcomers. For a few euros per photo, the images are simply stunning in quality. So ask yourself the following question: which pages on your site are “structural”. That is to say those which do not have to change regularly. I’m talking about the pages “Who are we?”, “Our values”, “Our services”… For these pages, you might as well put a small budget to buy royalty-free images. Why ?


Because it gives a really professional look to your site and visual appeal is super important today to convert your visitors into customers. Take the test yourself. As you browse different sites, pay attention to the royalty free images and photos on the site, and their impact on giving you confidence and buying from the site. You will be surprised with the result! For non-structural pages, for example those on your corporate blog, where you post every few days, better to take free and free images, otherwise your photo budget could explode. 3 royalty-free and free image banks to consult 1. Pixabay Pixabay Pixabay has over 1 million free, high-quality, royalty-free images, some of which are very well taken and pretty. An example, above if you like cats. Pixabay is owned by Canva, as is pexels ,

To Sum Up In 3 Questions

another free image library. This is why you will also find the images of these 2 libraries in this online design tool. Please note : when you browse the site, because some images are “sponsored” by the Shutterstock site (see below) which are therefore not really free. 2. Google And yes, Google also allows you to find royalty-free images. To do this, type in what you want (“chat” for example), then click: First on Images to keep only image type results, Then on tools to display the filter options, Finally on Usage rights to restrict according to the rights associated with the images. Then, filter the image rights to keep only the images: Reusable or not, With or without modification, With or without commercial purpose. You have to search a bit, but you can find some pretty cool free images and photos through Google!

How To Find Royalty Free Images for Your Website? On the same topic : Make web writing that your readers love to read 3. Flickr Flickr contains hundreds of millions of images from users all over the world, some of which can be reused under a Creative Commons license. Don’t know what it is? Don’t panic, Flickr explains very simply and in detail the different types of license . Let’s take the example of a cat search again. And here is the place below (the red frame) where you have to click to sort by type of use desired: Flickr If you want more free and royalty-free stock images, I’ve listed 18 for you . Royalty-free images, but paid for: professional quality OK, now with a few tens of Euros and for your structural pages, here are 3 sites to browse. All of these sites are equal in terms of photo quality,

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