Then make it even easier for them: Publish a Google Post to indicate nearby car parks or nearby bus stops, On the contact page of your website, enter the nearest car park and nearby public transport, Upload to GMB additional images of your location showing the different viewing angles depending on where you are from … The Greenland Email List 2 reports delve into the requests for direction and the phone calls. Itinerary requests Itinerary requests If search users have requested directions, for example, you see a map showing where those direction requests are coming from.

It is a heat map, giving the location from which internet users have taken it. Thanks to this heat map, you know where your potential customers are coming from and you have a better understanding in which neighborhoods to focus your marketing efforts, such as setting up your local advertising . My tip : Use the zip code and location data presented in the directions heat map to refine your advertising and marketing targeting. You can, for example, use postal codes to target your Google Ads targeting or use this data to geographically target social media campaigns.


What Is Inbound Marketing?

Phone calls Phone calls GMB statistics also count the number of phone calls if they were initiated from your Google My Business listing. By analyzing this data, you can: Know which day of the week and what time of day generate the most calls, Refine ad performance, Better plan a new publication … The following 2 reports provide some information about your customers: how they view your establishment, and peak hours. Attributes associated with your establishment Attributes associated with your establishment This report gives an indication of how your visitors describe your establishment.


Indeed, from Maps, Google asks questions to those whom it knows have visited your establishment and gives you a summary here. Busy times Busy times From the users who have activated the history of their geographical positions on Google Maps, Google deduces the peak times and the average duration of visits. Obviously, this data is calculated from the average observed over all users over the past few weeks. A priori, you already know these data, at least intuitively. But they have the merit here of being accessible with one click.


How To Improve Your Inbound Marketing?

They can be particularly useful for launching ad campaigns with special operations on less busy days. Note : this data is public and therefore also visible on your GMB file by your customers. Photo views Photo views According to Google , businesses that display photos are more likely to receive requests for directions to their location, as well as clicks to their websites. Photos are essential. Indeed, they play a major role in the amount of traffic received by your establishment, directly or on your website.

With information about the views of your photos, you can: Know how many times your images have been viewed, Make a comparison against businesses similar to yours and get a competitive benchmark. If your images receive more views, you can continue to post more. If not, review your approach and make the necessary improvements. Number of photos Number of photos Data on the number of photos is useful for you to know how many images appear on your business listing compared to your competition. If you have fewer images, try uploading more!

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