It must be well optimized for SEO, hence the importance of establishing a precise content plan. The content plan So that search engines understand the different contents within a page, the H1, H2, H3 tags… are elements which allow a page to be Vietnam Email List down and therefore to make the content understandable. This will facilitate the work of indexing and understanding the content for visitors and search engines. With WordPress, you can add H2 to H6 subtitles for writing your articles via a drop-down list. Note : H4 to H6 subtitles are of little importance in SEO, but they help readability.

Regarding the insertion of keywords in your publication, you must target them directly whether the expression is exact or not (variant or synonym). Google will understand that you are talking about the topic. Good practice : the Yoast SEO extension makes it easier for you to optimize your content. In the general tab, you even have an overview of what your result might look like in Google. Once you have filled in the main keyword box, you will analyze your page.


The Backlinks, Or Back Links, Small Presentation

Yoast helps optimize the overall content of your article according to: Keyword density, The title and meta description tags , The title of your article, Text content with its links And finally the images. Yoast helps optimize all of your article’s content The trio: Title, Title and description For search engines, a title must be explicit and therefore easily identifiable with targeted keywords. It should also be eye-catching and make the user want to read more. The title is very important for the search engines. Because, it is reused several times and in several places: As an H1 tag in the article page, As H2 on the homepage, And present in the description when sharing content via social sharing buttons.


With the help of Yoast SEO, you can differentiate between title and title. Thus, you will present an explicit “title” for search engines and a catchy title for users. Another rule to respect : the length of the title and the description. Even if there is no predefined length, the number of characters should be limited. The shorter a title, the more impact it has (60 to 70 characters maximum). The meta description must contain a maximum of 160 characters. Beyond that, the text will not be displayed in Google results. Don’t forget the media for your content A video or an image reinforces and improves the quality and relevance of your articles. WordPress allows you to insert an image to your post. All you need to do is click on “Add media”.


And The Quality Of The Backlinks?

In order to refine the WordPress referencing of your images, do not forget to fill in 3 text fields when adding your image: The title of the image (title attribute), Alternative text (alt attribute) very important in SEO, And the caption of the image. For some of your content, do not hesitate to illustrate it with a video. It is a very good lever for SEO. Indeed, an article with a video is highly appreciated by Google, which it considers relevant. The permalink and the choice of category Your URL should not be too long, and should be self-explanatory. WordPress automatically sets the URL based on the settings you made upstream.

On the other hand, in order to limit the number of characters, you can delete unnecessary terms such as the “l’s” above. For example: “peche-de-lespadon” en “peche-espadon”. Then, you have to choose the category in which your content will be published. It is possible to define several since the URL’s have been well defined (no risk of duplication of content). 4. Create links to make your site popular Create links to make your site popular In SEO, there are 2 types of links: internal link and external link. You have to know how to differentiate them during your natural referencing strategy.

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