This SEO difficulty score is a score of 0 to 100 where 100 is the most difficult, if not impossible. The only concern with KWfinder is that it doesn’t know your website. And obviously, this difficulty depends on the current authority of your website. But here’s how to get around this little problem. To estimate your “authority”, go to SEMrush and enter Switzerland Email Database website URL. In the third column, look at the number of inbound links (backlinks) to your site: What is Natural Referencing or SEO? And here is the rule that we generally apply to determine the maximum level of “difficulty” on KWfinder that you need to reach. Less than 30 backlinks → do not exceed a difficulty of 40 Between 30 and 100 → do not exceed 50 Between 100 and 1000 → do not exceed 70 Over 1000 → over limit.

It also depends on the age of your website, the origin of the links… and also the number of backlinks from your direct competitors. Now go to KWfinder to find out the SEO difficulty associated with each of your keywords. Since KWfinder in free mode is limited to 5 searches per day, if you prefer, install one of these 2 Chrome extensions: MozBar SEOQuake Then do a Google search for your keywords. In the search results pages, new information is displayed to judge the difficulty of ranking well for each of your keywords. So, now that you have your keyword, work on SEO for your page, then start building some links. Note : if your key phrase includes the name of a city, department, country… .. the experts speak of Local SEO .


Definition: What Is A Sitelink Link?

On the same subject : 6 simple tactics to optimize your SEO 2. Work on the natural referencing of a web page Work on the natural referencing of a web page Now it should be clear to Google that you are looking to get your page listed for that keyword. It’s very simple ! Make sure your keyword is placed in the right places in your content. Here is an “On page SEO” checklist to follow to position your keyword in: The  tag, ideally at the beginning, The  tag (obviously your page must have an  Your subtitles The  tags of the images, The meta description, The URL of the page, In the first paragraph of the page, Your keyword density is between 0.5% and 2.5%.


This means that for content of 1000 words, it is advisable to naturally insert your keyword between 5 and 25 times. In addition, your textual content must have: At least 300 words and ideally 2000, Links that point to other pages of your site and third-party sites, Original content and therefore not duplicated. Finally, also use synonymous keywords . Google is able to recognize them today. Well, here’s what to find a detailed explanation on On page SEO as well as my checklist of 11 techniques to optimize the natural referencing of your pages. For those of you who use WordPress, make your life easier by installing the free Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. The checklist is integrated directly into the web page and article editor.

Why Are Sitelink Links Important?

My advice : think of your readers first and never forget that you are writing for them and not to have a good position on Google. This is why I also assert that quality content is much more than just a keyword . All we have left now is off-page optimization. 3. Work on off page SEO or backlinks What is Natural Referencing or SEO? The SEO “Off Page” is just a fancy way of talking inbound links. Digital Marketing experts also call them backlinks. But all of this is really the same. We have seen that in order to rank a web page, Google considers every link on the web as a weighted vote.

My advice : to optimize your click-through rate, work well on your page titles, URLs and meta-descriptions , because that’s what appears in Google’s results pages! The bounce rate A priori, Google seems to use the bounce rate on a page to move up or down its position in search pages. But nothing is certain. Still according to Marketing Definitions , the bounce rate is obtained by dividing the number of bounces by the total number of visits. For example, a bounce rate of 50% means that one in two visits has only one pageviews (the landing page). Small clarification : SEO experts do not all agree on this point. My advice : Whether it is or not, work on your pages to make them as attractive and interesting as possible.

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