I’m sure you are wondering how to get Vietnam Phone Number List  more new customers on the Internet. In Digital Marketing, it is easy to find many “quick fixes” on Google. On the other hand, it is easy to get drowned in the mass of information. On #audreytips, we like to give you practical and proven advice. So when Maude Tilliez , craftsman, wanted to present her attempts to generate more sales on Gaïamamart with Video Marketing, Laurent immediately accepted. Maude created her website in March 2019, and since then has been testing many techniques to sell more . And his attempts show that the use of video is a definite plus. In this article Maude explains how to improve a small business with video.

For my artisanal e-commerce site around Symbols and Zen, it is, in any case, the best “idea” I have had, with supporting figures. So you will learn how and why YouTube videos can help you be more visible and sell more on the Internet . You will then learn more about the best practices for optimizing a YouTube publication . Finally, you will see that it is easy to start your Video Marketing today. Contents [ display ] Why set up Video Marketing? 5 verified facts First, what’s the point of creating videos when you’re a small business or an e-commerce? 85% of Marketing Managers say video is an effective way to gain attention online (source Animoto ). We could use that statistic alone, but I’ll dig deeper.

How To Create Your First Videos Today?

The first argument is visibility on the Internet 81% of French Internet users frequent YouTube every month (source Moderator’s Blog ). Indeed, the vast majority of Internet users are fond of video content: They frequent social networks on which many publications are in this form, It is often easier to understand certain things with pictures or a short film. I am thinking in particular of the tutorials, Many people take public transport and seek to occupy the mind … How can it help you increase your website traffic? Quite simply, because videos are an additional acquisition channel to be discovered by your target . You can thus answer the questions it asks itself. For example, I launched a series of tutorial videos to learn how to draw symbols. It’s totally informative. But since then, 15% of my site visitors have come from YouTube.


In addition below the video, I inserted a promo code that Internet users can download. And some do. A promo code under a video 2. It’s proven: videos are more impactful and engaging than words Here is some more data on Video Marketing: Videos generate more engagement on social media. On Instagram, video content has 49% more interactions from subscribers (source Viuz ), They are more shared , Finally, they facilitate understanding . Since the creation of the Internet, the attention of Internet users has continued to decline. Indeed, the requests are multiple and we go from one content to another without really hanging on. The consequence: the average duration of consultation of a website is 2 minutes and 17 seconds … Video content is more catchy and dynamic and facilitates visual and auditory understanding .

Recycle Written Content

Among the visitors to my website, 85% arrive through textual content. Only 15% from my YouTube channel. But when I look at the sales figures, I notice that almost 90% of my customers use the coupon offered under the videos. 3. Videos help humanize your business The first and only tip for any entrepreneur who is wondering how to improve a small business with video is to create an identity. On the Internet, many sites have no “human” identity. Yet a story is essential for selling . By placing you in front of the camera, Internet users buy more than a product, they adhere to a state of mind. So you can appeal to their emotions and feelings. I uploaded a video presentation of my company which is also of poor quality

and yet a user made the following comment: Videos help humanize your business As a bonus, he came to place an order on my website. 4. Video improves your product sheets or the promotion of your services Another element to assert the relevance of video marketing: you offer a unique shopping experience . It is essential to win new customers. Moreover, 97% of Marketing professionals say that video helps users gain a better understanding of their products and services (source Hubspot ). You should never forget that in a store there is a salesperson to advise the customer and answer all his objections: Does the product meet their needs? Is it solid? Is the price / quality ratio suitable? With a video, you will be able to give more information on the interests of your products. To give you an example,

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