Indeed, it allows you to  Uganda Phone Number List  communicate simply, quickly and on all subjects. You can use it for: Promote your products or services, Gain notoriety, Clearly explain processes, Or encourage the purchase decision … But how can videos boost your sales? To fully understand how video can increase your sales, you have to look at the different stages of the marketing funnel. This is what Axelle Monpoix , communications manager at TopoVideo , will present to us in this article. Contents [ display ] Focus on the 4 phases of the marketing funnel Focus on the 4 phases of the marketing funnel “Funnel Marketing” (or conversion tunnel ) refers to all the stages that a prospect must go through to become a customer, or even then an ambassador. In general, its purchasing journey can be broken down into 4 main missions for the company:

Attract visitors to your company’s website, Convert these visitors into prospects, Conclude sales, Retain your customers and make them ambassadors, Why experts in Digital Marketing speak of “funnel” (or funnel in French). Because unfortunately: Not all leads become prospects, Not all prospects turn into customers, And not all customers become loyal. On the other hand, well-designed video (or other) content can intervene at each of these stages to facilitate access to the next level of the funnel and ultimately make your customers ambassadors. 6 types of videos for your marketing funnel Reminder : video is an effective way to attract attention on the Internet according to 85% of marketing managers (source Animoto ).

Conclusion On The Value Of Videos To Improve Your Marketing Funnel

But there are several types of videos…. and each of these types is suitable for a phase of your sales funnel. Let’s go through them. 1. The Video Teaser to attract leads Let’s start naturally with the first step of your Funnel Marketing. Therefore, content intended to attract as many visitors as possible to your company’s website. For this, I advise you to address yourself to a large audience. And what better than social networks to spread a message to as many people as possible? This is where the teaser video comes in . Its duration is between 10 and 15 seconds. This short format grabs the attention of users and generates engagement. Indeed, a longer video will not impact your audience as much.


The reason is simple. Visitors may not know you yet, so a video that is too long may not be viewed in its entirety. 2 choices are available to you to publish this teaser video intended to generate traffic: Share it normally on your social networks to reach your community. Your sales representatives will in turn share this teaser video on their professional networks such as LinkedIn. One of the main benefits of social media is being able to make your content go viral. Distribute it in an advertising campaign again on social networks in order to reach a new, larger, but targeted audience. In addition, video campaigns on LinkedIn record an average engagement rate of 50% (source LinkedIn )! Our bonus tip : consider adding subtitles to your teaser video, because on Facebook, 85% of videos are watched without sound (source digiday ).

To Sum Up In 4 Questions

Pitch video to convert your leads into prospects Your visitor has arrived on your site, but your work does not end there. You must now make him want to contact you to turn him into a prospect. For this second step of Funnel Marketing, include a video pitch on your website. A video pitch is a longer video, approximately 1 minute 30 minutes. It should show your visitors that you are the best fit for their needs. Use storytelling to tell the classic situation a lead finds himself in. By looking at your pitch, your visitors will see that you understand their problem.

You can explain why your business is the best solution and clearly state the benefits they will derive from it. In addition, a landing page with a video increases the conversion rate by up to 80% (source unbounce ). On the same subject : How to improve your turnover with animated videos? 3. The explanatory video and the testimonial video to close the sale Explanatory video and testimonial video to close the sale You have succeeded in converting your visitor into a prospect, which means that your product and / or service offer is of interest to him. But your job still doesn’t end there. Your prospect has surely already received your quote. But he surely also consulted some of your competitors.

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