All of these tactics intended to deceive or manipulate a search engine’s understanding are called black hat SEO . My advice : never have fun using so-called Black Hat techniques. Avoid automated content or link creation software, do not set up a Sweden Consumer Email List network (PBN) … even if an SEO expert advises you! It can work in the short term. But, when updating its algorithm, it is likely that your website will be heavily penalized. In no time at all, all of your Google SEO work evaporates. In addition, the updates of this ranking algorithm are more and more frequent . I am sure you are looking to secure your business.

So, consider your website as an asset to your bottom line and SEO as an investment to attract your future customers. With these principles, you will establish the authority of your website and get the traffic you want quickly and without any risk for the future. Without going into the explanation of the 200 criteria of the Google algorithm , let’s see the main principles. The periodic table of natural referencing (SEO) The periodic table of natural referencing (SEO) Inspired by the periodic table of elements in chemistry, the SEO periodic table, published by Search Engine Land , presents all the key concepts to know to understand Natural SEO.


Typological Research And Universal Research

I never liked chemistry, but: Each box corresponds to a criterion to improve your Natural Referencing with a weight of 1 to 3 – 3 being the most impacting. And the columns group these factors into categories. Each box also receives a color: In blue, the criteria to be applied on your Web pages. SEO experts talk about “On page SEO”, In green, those which come from other sites, which are the criteria “SEO Off page“, And in red, dangerous practices as mentioned above. Finally, your position in the results pages of Google goes up naturally if, methodically, you take all the boxes into account, with priority being those with a weight of 3!


But given the number of boxes, it may seem tedious! Fortunately, there are many tools that will make your job easier. As I always try to save time on the technical aspects, I am now telling you the method I am using on #audreytips and the tools I have selected. Work on the natural referencing of your pages and your website Work on the natural referencing of your pages and your website The first step in getting our site to rank well on the results pages is to tell Google the subject of your website and each piece of content you post. 2 tips : Start with your home page (or landing page) trying to rank it with a keyword that is not that of your brand or company, Then, identify your SEO priorities using a SWOT analysis .


Google News: History And Benefits

Then it’s easy to apply the method I’m going to introduce to other keywords and other pages. 1. Find your right keywords First of all, it is necessary to fully understand the concept of keyword. Then, depending on your website’s current popularity and age, your effort may vary. The long tail The long tail SEO The first concept to know is that of the “long tail”. Let’s go back to the principles of popularity by taking an analogy with songs. Many songs exist and few artists have real worldwide and lasting success. If you rank the popularity of singers over 10 years, you get a curve like the above, borrowed from Digitiz . A few singers are world famous but quickly the graph drops sharply.

And the more the number of songs increases, the more the yellow part of the above graphic stretches, and its area becomes larger than the red area. The yellow part of the curve is called the long tail. And this rule also applies to keywords. A few keywords are searched many times in a day and an endless amount of keywords only a few times. The experts in Digital Marketing talk about the keywords of the long tail. This is essential to understand to optimize your SEO! Indeed, at the start, it is preferable to focus on long tail keywords. That is to say, keywords: Very precise, Focused on user intent , With little competition – that is, keywords where your competition ranks low.

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