3 actions to improve your domain authority with Search Console and an Analytics approach? We have just seen that the scores like the domain of authority were calculated by tools specialized in SEO. These tools also offer other features and Mongolia Email List , but these are only available in their paid version. So if you have a low budget or if you are just starting out, know that you can already do a lot by consulting your Google Search Console. It is also a free and very comprehensive tool that I advise you to consult on a very regular basis to resolve any problems.

But let’s focus on your links profile. 1. Audit your link profile Audit your link profile with Search Console The link profile is an indicator of the quality and naturalness of all the external links pointing to a site or a web page. And not surprisingly, Google prefers link profiles that consist of links from a wide variety of sites and high authority sites. You can preview your links profile in the “Links” section of Search Console. Analyze the number of links and their quality. Good and bad backlinks In general, the majority of backlinks are acquired naturally and a priori good.


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There are also links referred to as “spam” which have been added by bots. But Google knows a priori how to spot them and prefers to eliminate the source than to let thousands of sites be spammed. Finally, there are the bad “natural” backlinks: Either bought en masse on questionable SEO sites, Either acquired voluntarily in a PBN. In short, Black-Hat SEO practices that should never be done, especially since it is completely illogical to pay to obtain links that you will subsequently disavow … But you can be attacked by one of your competitors who bought them for you.


How to disavow links in your Search Console? So if you spot any suspicious links in your link profile, this is where Google’s disallowance tool can come in. You will be able to report any poor or unwanted links on your website to Google. authority domain – How to disavow links in your Search Console? Warning : this is an advanced feature to be handled with moderation. As Google specifies, only disavow inbound links if you have a significant number of artificial, low-quality or spam-linked links to your site AND if these links have caused or are likely to cause manual action on the site. against your site.


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Note : SEO tools like SEMrush, Moz… obviously go much further by measuring the health of your link profile. In particular, you save time by having the level of toxicity for each of the backlinks. But they are of no use to you to disavow them. It is always up to you to do this with the precautions mentioned above. 2. Publish compelling content Publish compelling content Even though there is some expert debate on this point, you can imagine that part of Google’s search algorithm ranks your content based on engagement metrics, like:

Your total traffic, Its share of organic traffic, Direct traffic via Chrome, The time spent on the site, Your bounce rate, The click-through rate on search results pages, Or, brand mentions on authoritative sites and return visits … To boost your website engagement and hence domain authority, there really is only one way to do it. You need to attract and retain a loyal following by creating high quality content. Compelling content also attracts the most organic backlinks from other websites in your industry. Analyzing the density of your keywords is essential to be sure that your website is positioned on the right words.

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