Maybe you started a blog with a lot of enthusiasm, but some time later it was neglected and therefore inactive. Is this starting to bother you? Here’s what Colombia WhatsApp Number List can do to bring your blog to life … THREE ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF Before you want to make money with a blog , whether it’s dormant or active, it’s good to ask yourself a few questions. After all, blog projects are not the same, and posts also differ from blog to blog.

The question is: Webmarketing training How long ago did you give up your blog? What is the reason that drove you to give up your blog? What is the current state of your blog? The resurrection of your blog will depend on the answer to these 3 different questions. HOW LONG AGO DID YOU GIVE UP YOUR BLOG? BETWEEN 1 MONTH AND 1 YEAR Of course, it is difficult to speak of a short dip in the blog. Most of your followers will have almost forgotten about you. Your blog is no longer in “their system”. You can just pick up the thread.


How Long Ago Did You Give Up Your Blog?

But do not give up hope, because there is always the possibility of bringing it back to life and making money. MORE THAN A YEAR Suppose your blog has been forgotten by everyone. Everyone except Google. This is one of the great advantages of SEO ! Either way, if you want to pick up the thread with any chance of success, there is still work to be done. WHAT IS THE REASON THAT DROVE YOU TO GIVE UP YOUR BLOG? A delicate question perhaps.

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But if you want to get a neglected blog out of the swamp, the answer to this question might help if you have any idea how it got there. We are therefore looking for the possible causes of your sleeping blog in order to allow you to keep your initial objective of making money with your blog. A) YOU NO LONGER HAVE TIME TO DEVOTE Blogging takes time. Maybe a lot more time than you could get at the start of your blogging journey. And maybe you just can’t afford to spend as much time on your blog as you did at the start of the project. By the way, sooner or later the enthusiasm of beginners wanes more.


What Is The Reason That Drove You To Give Up Your Blog?

Sometimes an incident can occur such as: illness, emergency, too much work with your studies, just no energy, quality time with the softest… In short, your private life can and sometimes must take precedence over your blog. B) INTERNET USERS NO LONGER FIND YOUR TOPIC OF INTEREST You have a main topic for your blog at the time, but upon closer inspection, you found it less interesting than you expected. Or that there is less to say about this topic than you might think. And of course, your readership is also there.

Maybe you blog mostly about topics that were hot and hip a few years ago, but aren’t bothering anyone now. And every blogger knows how difficult it is to keep blogging with declining visitor numbers. C) YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF INSPIRATION Linked to the previous point, which speaks. Either – for some reason – you are no longer warm (enough) to your blog (topics), or… you are not organized enough to regularly come up with new ideas for blog posts. D) A TECHNICAL PROBLEM WITH YOUR BLOG I think the impact of technical issues on the smooth running of blogging is underestimated.

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