The Alt and Title attributes of your images The “Alt text” and the “Title” are to be entered once the photo has been uploaded to WordPress. Without being too technical, nor going into detail today, the “alt text” attribute (or alternative text) as well as the “Title attribute” are used by Google’s algorithms to find out what your image is about. On Nauru Email List , this is done simply in this screen: To reference content on Google, work with the Alt Tag and the Title attribute of your images On many other aspects, image optimization is crucial to rank content well on Google.

e- Insert internal links If you don’t put all of your other content first, who is going to do it for you? For this, it is important that your best content is linked to other pages on your site. Take every opportunity to remind your audience of content that you have already written. Pay particular attention to your links between your content, experts in Digital Marketing call this working on internal networking . I also advise you to occasionally review the content of your old articles to improve them accordingly. An “automatic” way of doing this is to add, within and / or at the bottom of each article, articles about a related subject.


The Art Of Manipulating Words

For example, on #audreytips, I use the WordPress Contextual Related Posts extension which allows me to add this type of link: On the same subject : SEO: 3 points to watch every day 4- Not to be overlooked – Obtain external links 4- Not to be overlooked – Obtain external links Finally, and this is not the easiest, acquire backlinks or backlinks. Backlinks are the links that other sites put in their content and that point to your content. Be aware that Google’s algorithm relies heavily on external links to determine the quality of an article.


And it makes sense enough: you can constantly talk about yourself and your own skills. But who will believe you? However, as soon as other people start talking about you, your credibility will increase. Obviously, if you’ve produced high-quality content, it’s more likely to be cited by other sites. But, the truth is more complex, you will have to hunt for external links. This means enticing website owners who discuss a topic related to yours to link back to your content. Given the importance of this point, I refer you to my 5 instructions for acquiring backlinks . To conclude on how to properly reference content on Google This checklist for referencing content on Google is obviously not complete.

The Master In Making Sales Pages

Google’s SEO algorithms are much more complex than that. And in addition, they are constantly evolving . But, by following these basic guidelines, you will surely get a step ahead of your competition and will likely notice that your articles are getting more traffic from Google. Today, whether we are a tourist on a walk or a taxi driver, we no longer consult a good old paper map to find our way. Indeed, for more than 20 years, navigation systems have existed and they have succeeded in establishing themselves. The integration of GPS into smartphones has greatly influenced Google Venice.

The GPS are also at the origin of one of the most marked effects of the update. The rise of digital cards as a benchmark for consumers . Before you go to a store for the first time, you might tend to check the Internet for its hours of operation. You are surely using the GPS function of your phone so as not to get lost on the way and get to your destination easily. Know that you are not the only one. The power of Google Maps To begin with, Google Maps crossed the threshold of one billion users each month (source Journal du Net ).

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