To do this, simply combine the site command : (followed by the url of your competitor’s site for example) with the search option by date offered in the advanced search on Google. FIND IDEAS FOR YOUR CONTENT STRATEGY The combination of Pakistan Phone Number List commands can allow you not only to audit the websites of your competitors but also to come up with good ideas for your future content. CHECK FOR DUPLICATE CONTENT ON YOUR WEBSITE Duplicate content can quickly affect a website’s SEO performance. Some e-commerce sites often face this problem, especially with product sheets.

To verify this, simply combine the site: command (followed by your website url) and the quotes ““. Copy / paste the sentence you suspect to be duplicated on your site and embed it between the quotes. (Please note, Google cannot process more than 32 words per request). This will give you duplicate content in the search results. FIND INTERNAL NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Internal networking is often a relevant action to use in SEO strategies.


Why Implement A Lead Nurturing Strategy?

To create these internal links, you have to find the most relevant pages. If you’re writing a new blog post, use the site: and intext: commands to find the most relevant pages on your site that relate to your post. For example, if we write an article dealing with SEO we can find internal networking opportunities for that article by doing this research: Advanced site and intext operator In this example, we can see that there are 3 internal linking opportunities for the article dealing with seo SEO.



Develop your SEO strategy and boost the performance of your website with ID Interactive The main advanced and Boolean search operators now hold no secrets for you and will now allow you to refine your results and gain efficiency. They also make it possible to have opportunities in the natural referencing strategy (seo): find ideas for your content, develop your internal network or even monitor the seo activity of your competitors.


How To Set Up A Lead Nurturing Strategy?

Do you not have enough time to devote to this competitive intelligence and these SEO opportunities? Are you thinking of collaborating with an agency for your SEO strategy? Our Breton agency ID Interactive supports you and offers you effective SEO solutions to boost the performance of your website. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can optimize your SEO strategy with in-depth work at the service of your activity. Our web marketing quotes are free, take advantage of them!

Many elements must be taken into account: graphic charter, responsive design, multimedia content, visuals, call-to-action buttons, etc. If you carry out your project on your own, it will require multiple skills and can quickly take time with no guarantee of results. To fully succeed in your web design project, calling on a web agency to support you throughout your project is a key to success. Whether it’s a website creation , a redesign of a showcase or e-commerce site, she will guide you in the development of a web design adapted to your activity and your company.

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