What are the techniques in influencer marketing? In influencer marketing, brands use many different techniques to gain visibility with influencers. Here are a few that you might consider in your strategy: UNBOXING Mainly used for video content, the Russia Phone Number List receives one or more products and brings the experience of unpacking the package to his community. A growing phenomenon which is enjoying exponential success.

SPONSORED CONTENT To reach as many people as possible and gain visibility, a company sponsors a blog post or a social media post from an influencer. A lasting action for the brand, especially if it is content optimized enough for sales conversion. PRODUCT PLACEMENTS Often used on the YouTube platform, product placement is a technique where the influencer places one or more products in their content in a subtle way or not. The content where product placement is achieved must be strongly linked to the universe of the brand.


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THE TRAVEL BLOG ALSO CALLED VLOG In influencer marketing, travel blogs, or vlogs for video content, allow brands to gain notoriety with engaged communities. This technique is particularly useful for promoting a company’s products. Generally, the brand offers a stay to travel bloggers in exchange for photos taken regularly and shared on social networks or on a blog. THE TAKEOVER Scheduled over a period of the year and often during events, the takeover draws the attention of an influencer community to a brand’s account on social networks.


In this influencer marketing technique, the brand gives control of its accounts on social networks for an allotted time to the influencer. The latter can then publish content (videos, photos, posts) on the brand’s account (s). THE CAPSULE Already used for a few years by the world of fashion and luxury, the capsule (also called capsule collection) is a marketing technique where the influencer will design and create in collaboration with the brand products or models in limited series. A collaboration that offers an increase in the turnover of a company with a sales boost as well as a gain in visibility with a positive image of the brand.


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Why use influencer marketing? 49% of consumers indicate that they rely on recommendations from influencers on social media before making their purchases (2018 figures). Influencer marketing brings many benefits to brands and businesses: A GAIN IN VISIBILITY AND COMMITMENT Influencers have more or less large communities with several thousand or even millions of subscribers. Influencer marketing helps brands communicate with important audiences.

This lever has the advantage of generating many interactions with engaging and viral content that will be boosted on the news feed of social networks. REACHING OUT TO THE YOUNGER GENERATIONS Influencer marketing more easily reaches young audiences (generations Y and Z for example). These generations are abandoning traditional media such as television and turning to communication channels that they favor more such as social networks. An audience highly coveted by brands that becomes accessible with influencer marketing.

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