How to improve your productivity  Morocco Phone Number List  using Google Docs? How to improve your productivity using Google Docs? Some basic tips to improve your productivity To improve your productivity: Make sure you always stay focused, Feel free to design a blog template, And use offline mode when needed. Stay focused No matter what tool you use and what type of article you write, you need to stay focused to be productive. For it : Eliminate distractions . Close the other tabs, put your phone in silent mode, momentarily forget your social networks , Remove unnecessary work .

Master the keyboard. Learn to type faster and use keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse. Do not hesitate to experiment with different working methods to optimize your productivity. Me, for example, I need to drink several coffees in the morning and from noon I have my bottle of Evian next to me. Often I listen to music while writing and am more productive in the late afternoon. Design a template for your blog posts Designing a template for your blog posts will make your job much easier. Google Docs offers a gallery of templates for CVs, letters… but nothing for blog posts. So feel free to design your own model. Most blog posts consist of: A title, Subtitles, Paragraphs, And a conclusion .

Using A Bulleted Or Numbered List

At #audreytips, we’ve created our own template. It’s nothing fancy, but just the layout to ensure readability of the articles, and some writing, layout and on -page SEO checklist . Configure offline mode With or without connection and wherever you are (on a plane, on a train, on the beach…), you can work on Google Docs thanks to the offline mode. To activate offline mode: Go to the Google Docs home page, Click on the “Menu” button located on the left side, Then, click on “Settings”, Finally, activate the offline mode. Get the Chrome extension if you need to download it. That’s it, you can open and edit your documents at any time, even without WiFi! 12 functions and keyboard shortcuts you need to know to save time on Google Docs 12 functions and keyboard shortcuts you need to know to save time on Google


Docs To write a blog post on Google Docs faster, have fun at work and save time on the technical aspects, it is better to use keyboard shortcuts. Here are some must-know shortcuts to save time in writing your articles. Note : I have described the shortcuts on Windows. In most cases, on a Mac, replace the CTRL key with the apple ⌘. Note : I deliberately ignored the copy and paste (CTRL + C and CTRL + V), as well as the Undo (CTRL + Z) and Redo (CTRL + Y). Indeed, I suppose you already know them. 1. Alignment of text and images Aligning text and images I’m used to aligning images in the center of the page, as well as certain texts that I want to highlight. While the alignment icons are visible directly in the Google Docs toolbar,

Text Formatting

using the keyboard is probably the fastest way to align your images to the center of the page, left, or right. Here is what you need to do: Center : CTRL + Shift + E Align Right : CTRL + Shift + R Align Left : CTRL + Shift + L 2. Indentation of text blocks Indenting text blocks To highlight a block of text, such as a quote, feel free to indent it so that it stands out. To do this, just use the keyboard shortcut: CTRL +] or CTRL + [ It’s very useful ! 3. Using a bulleted or numbered list Using a bulleted or numbered list Did you know that bulleted lists and numbered lists make text much more readable? They do not tire the eyes and make it easier to read an article, highly recommended in terms of UX and SEO! To make

your task easier, do not hesitate to use the keyboard shortcuts: Numbered list : CTRL + Shift + 7 Bulleted list : CTRL + Shift + 8 4. Text formatting Text formatting Bold, italics, and underlines are always welcome in a blog post. And of course, they should be used sparingly! To format your text, here are the keyboard shortcuts you need: Bold text : CTRL + B Text in italics : CTRL + I And underlined text : CTRL + U If there is something you want to cross out, just use ALT + Shift + 5 and voila! 5. Formatting titles Formatting titles For formatting your titles,

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