There are many podcasts out there these days. In 2021, more than 2 million podcasts are listed worldwide, with 48 million episodes (source Podcast Insights ). And in France, every month, around 12 million French people listen to podcasts (source Le Digital Pour Tous ). This therefore El Salvador Email List a gigantic market. It’s also a good way to market your business and generate revenue. It is possible thanks to the podcast to be paid by sponsors, advertisements and to gain new customers. But did you know that if you put it to good use, the podcast format can also improve your website’s SEO?

This is the question I asked Mégane Perrin , SEO and Content Marketing Manager, at Sur place – À takeout . She tells us her secrets about the SEO Podcast: First of all, some ways to reference your site thanks to your podcast, Then, how to properly reference the podcast itself, Finally, a final strategy that shows that you don’t have to host a podcast yourself to boost your website traffic. Contents [ display ] How to improve the SEO of your website thanks to the podcast? How to improve the SEO of your website thanks to the podcast? To work on the natural referencing of your website, there are many techniques already widespread, such as: Structure your articles with titles and sub-titles, Use keywords, Or even work on your internal networking.


Create A Web Page For Your Podcast

The techniques are numerous . However, these are not the only ones. The podcast is also a good way to boost the SEO of your business website. It can even be implemented into an SEO strategy if you use it wisely. For this, several Digital Marketing methods are to be put in place that we will describe to you below. 1. Write articles on the content of your episodes In this part, we are going to talk about blogging, blog posts and more specifically the combination of your podcast and your articles. As you know, to position the pages of your website well, the principle consists of: Write in a way optimized for Google, But also to write fluently for your readers.


Besides these SEO techniques, the podcast can help boost your site’s SEO. But then how to do? Recycle your podcast episodes It’s about using the strategy of cutting out one “big” piece of content to create lots of more. This is because a podcast episode typically lasts around 30 to 50 minutes. Throughout the recording a multitude of information is said, sometimes you even touch on several topics. So what you can do is use them and leverage your audio content to create other content, especially blog posts. You can post articles that totally recap what was said during your episodes.


Conclusion On How To Use The Seo Podcast To Boost Your Seo

You can also write an article for each of the topics covered. So, from an episode of your podcast, you will create, for example, 5 or 6 different articles. An example of recycling If we take the example of an episode where the guest is an entrepreneur who talks about the creation of his business. An episode that talks about entrepreneurship, business creation, young entrepreneurs and student entrepreneurs, you can write an article on: “How to become an entrepreneur at only 20”, Or on “The 5 key steps to launch your business in 2021”, Then also on “The 7 qualities to be a good entrepreneur”, Or on “How to get started in entrepreneurship when you are a student”, Or “What communication strategy is developed when you launch your start-up?”.

You see, an episode can very well bring together several topics. It is up to you to detail them in articles dedicated to each of the subjects of your episode. Recycling content is a technique to have material to write, use your episodes and gain visibility through your various articles which will cover many topics. And SEO in all of this? Plus, if your articles are SEO optimized, they’ll rank well. Thus, your website gains visibility thanks to the content previously recorded on your podcast. In addition, you improve the notoriety of your podcast by writing articles about your different episodes. If they are well written, you will arouse the curiosity of your readers who will want to know more about your podcast.

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