Having a lot of content is like  Portugal Phone Number List  having more keywords, and therefore ultimately more ranking possibilities in Google. The other major factor in SEO is getting backlinks. When other websites link to your site, Google sees you as a respected authority and moves you up in their rankings. And how do you simply get backlinks? Produce quality content so that other sites will want to quote it in their own content, with links pointing to your pages.The solution is very simple: introduce a deliberate error in the test briefing. Are you on the topic of accounting? Include in the briefing a VAT rate that is no longer in force. Are you on the theme of the works? Ask for a tax credit on aid that results in a grant.

In short… muddle the waters with misinformation. A good content expert checks all of their sources, including those of their own client. And even more, he always questions his own knowledge and his own information. He checks again and again. Is this enough to choose your content expert? The answer is still no. 4. Know how to communicate with your content expert Know how to communicate with your content expert The last point to measure before you decide to choose your content expert is probably the fit between your values ​​and his. There is nothing more unpleasant than working with a client whose values ​​you do not share.:this <Title> tag is easy to fill in. Include the primary keyword, a secondary keyword at best, while keeping it concise. Indeed, it can only contain about 65 characters.

3 Secrets To Making A Catchy Headline And Captivating Your Audience In A Few Words

The goal ? Get the prospect to understand in no time what product it is, and make them want to click. Some relevant examples of keywords to include in the title of a product sheet concerning a golden lurex dress: Golden dress, Golden evening dress, Golden party dress, Dressed golden dress, Elegant golden dress, Golden lurex dress … The title must indicate to Google what is the real subject of your page thanks to the keyword relating to the product, but also to the Internet user. Finally, it is good to try to arouse the curiosity of the prospect with a seductive catchphrase. It is an uphill battle to stand out on the search engines. A catchy headline can really set you apart from the crowd.


A sober title in the face of an optimized title that appeals and makes you want, has little chance of competing. So do not hesitate to highlight qualifiers that hit the mark for a successful product sheet, which ensures a high click-through rate. Note : also apply these same tips for the H1 tag. 3. Produce rich and unique content for your product sheets Produce rich and unique content Write unique and qualitative content The heart of your product sheet is its content, which must be unique and qualitative. Indeed, duplicate content is an absolutely crippling practice for SEO. The search engine algorithms penalize it very strongly. Indeed, if several pages have the same content, they are unable to classify them in relation to each other. And in general, they prefer to index only one to the detriment of the others.

Put On Your Reader’s Costume

This duplicate content occurs if you copy and paste the text from another website, but also within the same site. In these 2 cases, it is a dangerous practice which could undermine your efforts for natural referencing. So strive to produce unique content. If you have little to highlight, you can obviously find information through other sources, but you have to transcribe it your way. Publish impactful and sellable texts Work on the semantic field . Use a rich, varied, and colorful vocabulary. Attract prospects from their first research on the Internet. Then convince them to deal with you on your website. Your decision is extremely simple: Either you continue to prospect in a traditional way with diminishing returns,

in the face of tougher competition, Either your customers arrive “on their own” by setting up your content strategy before your competitors with quality content that positions you at the top of the results pages for the keywords that most attract your prospects. So say goodbye to haphazard fishing for hard-to-locate and hard-to-convince customers. You then enter the “wonderful” world of abundance marketing. My advice : build a “Machine for Sale” that continuously brings in many customers, who are 90% convinced to work with you.


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