In order to stand out from  Panama Phone Number List  the competition, it is essential to respect good SEO practices in order to win new customers. Online sales of products and services exceeded 100 billion euros and 1.7 billion transactions in 2019 , a historic record for e-commerce. More than 190,000 e – commerce sites were identified in 2019, with an increase in turnover of + 11.6% compared to 2018, despite declining growth (source Fevad ). There are a number of metrics that can help you stay competitive and land orders. An effective online strategy will improve your search engine rankings.

It’s a safe bet that you do not measure the potential of your product sheets , nor how much they can be an integral part of the Marketing strategy of an online store . However, the product sheet is the most important entry point to your e-commerce site. It must therefore be perfectly optimized both in its content and in its structure. Scrupulous work on your product sheets helps you to: Better position yourself thanks to natural referencing, Inform your prospects about your products, And therefore, generate more sales. Indeed, the primary objective of a successful product sheet is to provide the technical (dimensions, materials, colors, etc.) and visual characteristics of a product.

Publish Impactful And Sellable Texts

Thus, the Internet user has a complete presentation of it. In addition, the product sheet once optimized, offers you the means to appear in a good position in the results page of search engines. This is the exchange I had with Gaëlle Vielajus last week when I offered to write us an article on the subject. Discover his 9 tips for writing a product sheet that converts Contents [ display ] 1. Choose relevant keywords Choose relevant keywords for your product sheet Keyword analysis is the strategic pillar of SEO to understand what the Internet user is looking for


What are his intentions? And what are their expectations? By typing a few queries on Google, it’s easy to identify which sites are featured on the first page and how they’re responding. Some queries highly sought after by Internet users can be worked on to maximize potential traffic to their page, even if they are very competitive. However, there is little chance of outperforming very old and powerful sites on these popular queries. So how do you do it? Targeting long tail keywords Target more specific, long tail keywords. Certainly, they have a lower search volume. On the other hand, the Internet user who enters them clearly translates his intention. This one is more informed. He knows your area. He knows what he wants. And therefore, he is more qualified and able to convert.

Provide A Consistent And Structured Volume Of Words

In short, with the long tail keywords, you are targeting a narrower, but more qualified, spectrum . For example, if the request is preceded or followed by terms such as “cheap” or “purchase”, the Internet surfer is certainly planning to acquire a product or a service. This index reflects the intention of your potential prospect. It helps you to distinguish the Internet user in search of purchase, of the one in search of information. Keywords therefore hold valuable information. It is good to analyze them to understand the needs of the Internet user. Use your keywords For your product sheets, the choice of keywords is therefore essential in order to maintain sales.

Too few keywords and Google won’t see you … Too many keywords and it might penalize you. Optimize yes, but without over-optimizing with content stuffed with keywords that no longer make sense! It is customary to include the main keyword and / or the name of the product 2 or 3 times for a volume of about 400 words. This rate allows you to optimize your product page for its referencing. 2. Opt for a powerful and evocative title tag Opt for a powerful and evocative title tag First of all, the Internet user takes note of the meta title or title, which is none other than the title of the web page appearing in the search results (here in purple). This can really make all the difference, so it’s important to come up with a punchy and clear title to get people clicked. In the case of a product sheet,

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