Do you know why some blogs have more traffic than yours? It’s not just an SEO story. In reality, they publish outstanding blog posts . Articles that people love to read. Texts that thrill their audience. You regularly post on a corporate blog. You Brazil WhatsApp Number List a pro blogger. You are starting a blog and want to sell your products online. Either way, your blog is an important pillar in your content strategy. Webmarketing training To all those who want to retain their audience and convert more thanks to their blog.

Read on if you want to know how to write compelling blog posts. EMOTION: THE KEY TO MAKING YOUR BLOG POST UNFORGETTABLE blog post – emotional writing Stop writing articles that nobody reads and put emotion in your content . Internet today is a real anthill where millions of sites and blogs come together. In the vastness that is the web, it is difficult to distinguish one ant from another. Almost everything has already been said.


Do Your Research (Even If You Are Familiar With Your Subject)

If you’re writing an article on how to optimize an image for SEO, for example, there’s a good chance that this topic has been covered dozens of times. If not hundreds of times. So if you are content to simply stay in the news, your article may be drowned in the mass. Even if this one is good. The quality of information is no longer enough. Emotion is the missing ingredient to jostle your reader. Without it, the text may be boring. For a blog post to be great, it’s like a nice sports car. The engine is the informative dimension of the article.


And then there is the bodywork for the emotional side. Like a Ferrari from the 1960s. So how do you put emotion into your content? You don’t need to have great writing skills. Describe the emotional state of your dear target customer in your blog posts . Start at the introduction to engage the reader and encourage them to continue reading the article. For example, if you’re into bodybuilding, here’s how you might describe your reader’s emotional state: You spend hours at the gym to get only muscle stiffness. You would like to look like your favorite sportsmen or those movie stars with the body of Apollo.


Use Magic Words To Boost Your Articles

All of that effort put into an intense training program and the sacrifices made to maintain a drastic diet for so little results. In this situation, it’s normal to feel frustrated. Now you will train less, but better. And you will really gain strength. You need to identify your audience’s frustrations and issues. As in the example above. This implies knowing who you are talking to, of course. Identify their sorrows, their pains, their needs, what makes them happy, etc. With this psychological approach, you connect with your audience. You speak to him directly.

You make your blog posts a lot livelier, a lot more reader-focused. Also, be sure to be honest in your comments. Do not forget. You are not a dream salesperson. You are there to help people solve a problem you know how to solve. But I trust you on that By putting emotion in your text, the people who read you feel understood. And you will improve your conversion rates over time. Write cold texts like those in a criminal law textbook, and you’ll have a hard time retaining your audience.

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