If the optimization for printing is not performed, the rendering will be unattractive and the layout disastrous. You will remedy this problem by providing CSS print style sheets. You specify the elements that will or will not appear on each print. During your tests, you should also verify that the information displayed on the screen prints correctly on the Swaziland Email List and that printing can be started from any browser. Is your site in compliance with European legislation on personal data (RGPD) Entered into force in May 2019, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) apply to all data collected and processed allowing the identification of a natural person.

Almost always, your website will display and collect data. It is therefore important to check that it is in good regulatory compliance before it goes online. In most cases, the two essential points of data processing are the forms on your website and the management of cookies & trackers in the broad sense of the term. In the case of forms, a checkbox must be present explaining the purpose of the processing that will be done (for example: sending an estimate, recording for the processing of an after-sales service request) and referring to your page “Personal data” (see below).


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For the management of cookies, a module will be added to your site to allow Internet users to consent or not to authorize the collection of their information by third-party cookies. Finally, your site must contain a page “Privacy” or “Privacy Policy” summarizing all the data collected and processed by the site forms and cookies that are stored to ensure rgdp compliance of your website. To conclude, what should you think about before putting your website online?


If you are building your website on your own, you must take the time to check and validate the various technical aspects described above. If you use a website creation agency, remember to ask your service provider to describe the different services he offers before hiring you. Indeed, if one or more technical or functional standards are not taken into account, your visitors experience frustration, quickly leave your website without contacting you or buying one of your products. The return on investment and the performance of your website are therefore reduced.


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SEO will make it possible to target the pages having for subject the webmarketing and which contain links containing the keyword “SEO” in the anchor. Advanced inanchor operator SEARCH OPERATOR DEFINE: To obtain a definition of a particular word, the command define: followed by the search word allows you to directly obtain the Wikipedia definition (other sources are also available).

Advanced operator define LINK SEARCH OPERATOR : Ideal for finding backlinks to a site, the link command: allows you to highlight sites that contain links to the URL you have targeted. Advanced operator link SEARCH OPERATOR # FOLLOWED BY YOUR KEYWORD Planning a social media campaign or looking for hashtag-related content? Using the pound symbol (#) just in front of the chosen keyword will display the hashtags of social networks related to your keyword.

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