There are elements that have no SEO weight, but can significantly increase your click-through rate (CTR) … This is particularly the case with the meta-description ! Yes, this is not, a priori, part of the determining criteria in SEO and yet, it Jamaican Email Addresses special attention. Laurent told me that: In Google results, most Internet users rely on the meta description to get an idea of ​​what a page is about, so it should be carefully written … But what exactly is a meta description? Discover the answer in this article with, as a bonus, some effective tips for writing it well and optimizing it.

Good reading ! Contents [ display ] What is a meta description? What is a meta description? When a user types a query on search engines, a list of results is displayed, composed among other things of meta title and meta description. The meta description, or description metadata , is the phrase that is found directly below titles and URLs that appear on search engine results pages. It sort of sums up the content of the page that is waiting for Internet users. Of course, it is not visible on your web page, but only in search results.


The Choice Of Keywords Used

The role of this HTML tag is to entice Internet users to click on the website link by specifying the content behind the link. Although filling in the meta description tag is not mandatory, is more than recommended in terms of natural referencing. What is the difference between meta description and search snippet? “Meta description” and “search snippet” are often confusing, so they should be distinguished! As mentioned above, the meta description is an HTML tag that you can create and optimize. The search snippet, on the other hand, is the description that Google displays below the title and URL of pages that appear on the SERPs.


Here, the search engine decides for you! The research extract can therefore be: The meta description you wrote Or just a snippet of your content. Indeed, Google does not always take into account your meta-descriptions. Its main purpose is to meet the search intent of the internet user and therefore it automatically chooses the most suitable description. Moreover, it would also seem that Google rewrites the meta-description provided by the author in more than 70% of cases (Source Portent ). In addition, according to a study carried out by Yoast , in 2 out of 3 cases, Google uses the sentences of the first paragraph, hence the importance of working well on your introduction.


Adopting A Unique Meta Description

Meta description: what is its importance for SEO? Meta description: what is its importance for SEO? Once an essential component of SEO, the meta description is no longer one of the Google ranking criteria. However, while it doesn’t have a direct impact on your website’s SEO, it does help increase your click-through rate . However, isn’t the main objective of good visibility in the results pages to have a good click-through rate, to generate traffic in order to increase the number of conversions? While Google maintains that the meta description doesn’t help a page rank well, it shouldn’t be overlooked. It must be correctly written, optimized and in perfect harmony with the subject of the web page.

If your CTR is high and you drive lots of traffic to your website, it will naturally improve your search rankings. How to write a good meta description? How to write a good meta description? Analyze To write a good meta description, you need to start by studying: The results pages, And your customer journey. 1. Analysis of Google results pages This step aims to know and analyze the meta-descriptions of your competitors, in order to better develop yours and stand out on the SERPs. A little tip, no need to manually browse through each search result! You just have to type in the target words and the names of your direct competitors.

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