Clothing store and you sell personalized t-shirts , there is something that is almost as important as having good products: having good photographs of your products. It is no longer necessary to pay a professional photographer or model to pose with your shirts or spend a lot of time UK Phone Number to take a more or less decent photo. You don’t even need to print the design. The solution? T-shirt mockups or PSD templates. In this article we have compiled the 22 best websites where you can find t-shirt mockups.

Most are free, although we have included some paid options that you may be interested in. First, we explain better what t-shirt mockups and PSD templates are and why you need them yes or yes in  online store. What are t-shirt mockups and PSD templates? A t-shirt mockup or PSD template is an image you can download that consists of a white t-shirt on which you add your design. A background or even a model wearing the shirt may appear in the photo.

Your Customers Can Get An Idea

Of ​​what your product is like, but the goal of a good mockup is to make it look as close as possible to your real product, otherwise your customers may be disappointed. PSD is the name of the Photoshop file, similar to the .jpg extension for images. The main difference between PSD templates and mockups is that PSD templates with Adobe Photoshop, so basic design knowledge is enough; however, creating a Mockup does require more technical training, which is why they are the favorites of graphic designers and web designers.


T-SHIRTS MOCKUPS Why use t-shirt mockups or PSD templates? These are the main advantages: You save time: printing your design on an actual t-shirt and then taking a good photo can take hours. However, if you use a PSD mockup or template you can have your design ready in minutes. You save money: You don’t have to hire a professional photographer or model, and many t-shirt mockups or PSD templates are free.

Your Potential Customers Get

An idea of ​​what the final product is like, which is essential for sales in your online store. 22 websites with templates and mockups to make t-shirts Now we are going to look at 22 t-shirt mockup websites and templates that can make your life a little easier. In some cases it is necessary to use image editing programs, so don’t hesitate to ask a professional designer for help if you need it. Start or grow your business with a Shopify Expert In Mexico we have an ecosystem of partners that can help you create your store, grow your sales or migrate your business from another platform.

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