If you want to know what I’ve learned throughout this growth. Journey and take a look behind the scenes, now is the time! Join me for our 4 marketing automation planning tips!

How to plan marketing automation for growth?

The customization of marketing automation is one of the most. Important features of this type of tool (and one of the most widespread by companies that sell this type of software). And that’s understandable: no one wants to invest in a tool that can’t perfectly fit their business or solve the problems they encounter .

Since everyone can customize what they want and there are hundreds or even thousands of use cases, we found little content on how to use the tool on a daily basis to maximize the planning and organization of all the data and information Armenia WhatsApp Number List that a marketing automation tool can contain.

Here at rock content, we help hundreds of clients with their marketing strategies . I lost count of how many times I accessed a client’s rd station or hubspot and couldn’t figure out what was going on there. It depended on someone from the company in question to translate what the purpose. Or audience of the emails, nurturing flows, landing pages, etc. Was.

This goes in the complete opposite direction of

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the mission. Of these tools! Marketing automation is about saving time, talking to your audience paying attention to their quirks, and collecting data that can make this job even more effective.

Since everything is customizable, those who work with the marketing. Automation tool end up using the current context and, in many cases, never develop rules or guidelines that organize all the available content.

So how to achieve this goal?

I will give you four tips:

1. Organize your contact sources
One of the main functions of the marketing team is to help the sales team to… sell!

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