If these functions had been introduced in the core of the cms. It would be too heavy and would not work as well. Was expected. Being free. Jetpack by wordpress offers so many services to add to your website that it is a very good option. Jetpack presents a set of mutually independent modules with different functions each. Allowing them to be activat and configured separately. An example to put it in perspective would be to compare it with microsoft office 365 .

Have Plugins Disabled

The most recognized suite of office applications. Which includes applications such as word. Powerpoint or excel. Which you can download on your pc and run each one separately. We will see it later. But once we install jetpack. We can see its global configuration Guatemala Phone Numbers  panel and all the options it offers. From deciding what we want to activate and use for our website. What features we will have disabl and how each of the active functions should work. If you want to install jetpack.

In the Admin Panel

You must remember that there is a free version and three paid products available. The free version comes with quite a few basic functions in terms of performance and security. But it is important to note that backup copies are not includ . These are only available in the paid plans and allow you to have from 30 days of saved copies to infinity. Depending on the chosen plan. To make a summary.

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