Imagine reading an article on how to set your potential customer goals, would you be interested in clicking on content like; lead generation goal calculator ?

Expand the reach of your content and save money
interactive content not only has the potential to deliver the right message to your audience, it also has a higher chance of being shared and liked on social media platforms . They help you especially in the phases of awareness and consideration.

By structuring your ppc campaigns, you.


target social ads based on your buyer persona . It also uses “copycats” and remarketing to impact Morocco WhatsApp Number List people who have already visited your site. The truth: you and most of your competitors are using similar strategies .

People are impacted by a variety of ads and messages every day, if you give them a little entertainment with interactive quizzes and calculators, they engage even more.

When prospects find content useful

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(as well as entertaining), they are more likely to share it to help their friends. With more actions, the reach of your content expands without you having to pay more.

For example, this campaign from tequila maker patron was create for international margarita day. On twitter they promoted margarita recipes and asked the audience to vote. As a result, people shared, liked, commented, and engaged with the brand.

Source: cyberclick
set up your ads to make the most of interactive content
how can interactive content and ppc be perfectly combine?

This begins with segmentation and the buying journey.

Awareness phase: help your leads understand their problems. Target your ads based on your buyer persona or by people who look like the buyer in facebook or linkedin ads. During this phase, interactive content makes the experience of knowing your brand more alive.

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