These professionals in the sector. This report addresses issues as necessary as the relevant guidelines when legislating on this matter. As we have been able to verify, the negotiations of the european parliament and the european commission continue for the approval of the digital services law. In the report we have been able to verify that the position of the european union is key. Advertising liability includes both content creators and promoted brands. What is an influencer? An influencer can be defined as a content creator with a commercial intent, who builds relationships of trust and authenticity with their audience on a daily basis on social media platforms. Furthermore, it engages online with commercial actors through different business models for monetization purposes.

The key characteristics of an

Therefore, we must highlight the impact of influencers and sponsored content today. The key characteristics of an influencer are: inesem business school master in ict law, social networks and intellectual property more information content creation. This is the service provided by influencers. Commercial intent, which is driven by direct revenue Latvia Phone Number from brands (monetary and non-monetary), audience engagement revenue, or platform compensation. Monetization, that is, the generation of income through different business models, such as influencer marketing) and emerging trends such as live shopping.

Advertising liability includes both content

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Trust and authenticity, i.e. The source of influence, and related to the parasocial relationship of trust with the audience, as well as the perceived authenticity of the content, which can be use to influence consumer buying behavior the situation in spain in spain, this study has a direct impact, since it is classifi as the second country in the union with the highest number of influencers per capita. Actions such as the entry into force of the code on the use of influencers in advertising of the spanish association of advertisers and autocontrol have been one of the most valued initiatives in this regard.

However, the european parliament report reflects great concern about the aforemention lack of transparency of content creators in vulnerable groups. Unacceptable practices: the case of tipsters the most common real practices in recent times have been directly mention in the study. One of the most controversial examples in recent months has been the promotion of tipster services, people who are dedicat to advising on sports betting. This

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