But what the research reveals is that “brand affinity through emotional connection has weakened to be replaced by habitual ties based on lived experiences and related to brands and retailers.”

in this scenario where brand loyalty is losing steam and creating deep connections is losing ground in the face of rapid market volatility and buying opportunities, delivering positive customer experiences becomes crucial.

The customer experience is


by the interactions they have with your brand, whether directly or indirectly. To ensure a good customer experience, the first step is to have a holistic and complete view of the entire customer journey (before, during and after the purchase).

As much as we’ve been talking about it for years, in practice it’s still not that widesprea. The Pakistan WhatsApp Number List according to another kin + carta survey , more than half of companies (55%) don’t have a single, comprehensive view of all customer interactions. Customers.

The lack of this knowledge creates a disconnected and friction-filled experience.

It is essential to map the

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points of interaction that the consumer has with your brand and, from there, think abou. The t improvements to make the experience beneficial for your client. You must base yourself on what makes sense to them (here it is worth. The mentioning the importance of knowing in depth your ideal client, their behaviors and needs).

Take the time and carefully observe your client’s journey with your company. . The every touchpoint and interaction to reduce your efforts and ultimately build a seamless and connected journey.

Use data intelligently and strategically
whether mapping the journey, understanding your purpose, or identifying your ideal client, data. The is essential for better results and more assertive decisions.

Collect data from your crm, interview employees, connect with customers, analyze feedback received. And don’t forget to focus on what really matters.Check out this article for more details on the process, what google (claims) to. The have done, and finally, the importance of capturing user data transparently.

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