Industrial companies that do not Norway Phone Number List  practice Content Marketing are missing out on the goose that lays the golden eggs. It’s amazing, but true. Content marketing presents a bargain, a unique opportunity to attract free traffic to your website. Indeed, you have the field free if your competitors still neglect content marketing. And this is the case in the industrial sector. Best of all, you will probably quickly establish yourself on Google ! Imagine, you can rank on the first page for your main keywords . And then you generate a continuous flow of new free requests . Why ? According to iProspect : The first position on a Google page captures more or less 30% of clicks,

The 2ᵉ: around 20%, The last: less than 5%, And the 2nd page: less than 5% … Consequence: “the first places on Google are worth gold”. Laurent had the opportunity to converse with Marc Brodsky from the BtoBCopywriting agency which is precisely specialized in Content Marketing for the industrial sector. He then asked me to invite Marc to write an article on the subject. In this article, you will find out: Content Marketing and why it’s so important in the industry, How to introduce and develop your content marketing, The influence of your marketing positioning on your communication and the consequences of imprecise positioning. Contents [ display ] What is the benefit of content marketing for an industrial company?

The Lack Of Awareness Of Digital Marketing In The Industry Is Surprising

SEO brings free visitors to your business site by showing your page in a Google search result for on the keywords that matter in your industry. This is why the industrialist who, in his branch, is the first to invest in content marketing is permanently seizing the first places on Google. This is the rule of the game. By occupying the first places on the SERP, you receive a free visit from one prospect in 3 while your competitors are struggling to find them! It is above all the best way to reduce your marketing costs and ensure your growth. It is the great strength of Digital Marketing which acts to promote your business . The mechanics are surprisingly simple! The mechanics are surprisingly simple!


The mechanism for creating relevant content pages is very simple. You inventoried the expressions your prospects use to search for your products and services. Then, you build pages that answer precisely and in detail to the question asked in the Google search bar. You repeat the process for all the expressions that generate significant traffic on Google. And each of them mutually contributes to the referencing of “neighboring” pages. You then start a virtuous circle where each published page reinforces the others which deal around the same subject from a slightly different angle. And then the wolf enters the fold … The Wolf is of course the entrepreneur who seizes the powers of Digital Marketing. And the sheep are its competitors who cling to traditional marketing techniques:

It Always Starts With A Google Search

An uninviting website that looks like an online catalog, No email campaigns to support new requests and regularly follow up with customers, No newsletter … This is still the case today in many industrial sectors. Indeed, most of these companies rely too much on the work of their salespeople to find new customers. The first entrepreneurs to harness the power of content marketing in their industries, in their niches, are like the wolf entering a fold. They’re going to wreak havoc! Indeed, very few industrial companies have already understood that Digital Marketing makes it possible to effectively attract their potential customers . And that’s a shame for them, because with these economical techniques,

you also retain your customers . It always starts with a Google search It always starts with a Google search You see it every day. In more than 80% of cases, the first instinct is to search on Google. And it’s a very bad start if the curious Internet user only finds your competitors. On the other hand, if you are present on the first page, you win your customers almost for free. The difference is therefore enormous. You save a lot of money. Because you work with clients who come to you with confidence. In general, they are already won over (at least 90%). You no longer spend a fortune on sales force, commissions and advertising to find your prospects. Conversely, when you approach a prospect in the classic way, you know that convincing him is long and difficult! So you have understood the issues:

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