How to activate your GMB card if you haven’t already done so? It could not be easier. Note that, in most cases, Google automatically creates listings for establishments. If you claim it , you become the owner of the plug and can use it to its full potential. Otherwise, you can create your file directly from the Google My Business tool . Then Google Guam Email Lists you a verification code by regular mail. Once this code is entered, your GMB file is activated and there, all the distribution tools are at your service, namely: The creation of publications that remain “in the spotlight” for a week, The ability to respond to reviews .

And opinions are very important in the sale of goods as well as services, Highlighting your services and your goods , Your different means of contact (phone, web, address, opening hours, delivery and click & collect services, etc.), Not to mention the multiple statistics it gives you in return to refine your local presence … All you have to do is get started if you haven’t already! Note : you can obviously add geolocated clothing keywords to your page. The local aspect in this case is monuments, attractions, bus stops.


Collaboration In The Service Of Prevention

Conclusion on local SEO and geolocated keywords Local SEO is set to develop further in the years to come, particularly with voice search. As it is involved in the majority of mobile queries, you can easily imagine why you have to bet on geolocated keywords to develop your customer base. And it is interesting to see, moreover, whether typed or spoken, geolocated requests include more and more instructions, for example “dresses + Nice + open + now”. It’s a fact, local SEO takes an important part in the SEO strategy in 2021. It is in my opinion the easiest and fastest, but it is not the only trend .


The overview is displayed with the navigation menu on the left as you can see in the image above. This overview is made up of 3 main sections: Performances, Blanket, Improvements. At the top right, there is also a “notification” icon that lets you know if Google has sent you any messages. It is often to notify you of errors that you also receive by email. In a few seconds you can see: From “Performances”, if the traffic generated by Google does not suffer a worrying drop, In the “Coverage” frame, if you have indexing errors that may be due to problems in your sitemap file.


The Results Of This Influencer Marketing Campaign

As a reminder: the sitemap is an XML file that indicates the pages of your website to be indexed by Google and other search engines. And at the bottom in “Improvements”, errors by topic: essential Web signals, Mobile ergonomics, AMP, Fields of research… We will come back to all these subjects in detail later in this article. Once this first very quick dashboard run is completed, then go to the next step of my Google Search Console Checklist, if you see any points to correct.

View and resolve your Index errors Google Search Console Checklist – View and resolve your Index errors The second item in the Search Console navigation menu is “Index”. The Google index is quite simply a large database in which Google stores all the pages and websites from around the world. Everyone he “knows” in any case thanks to the Googlebot which is the software in charge of visiting websites and storing them in the index.

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