You still have to learn with the method most suited to your case and above all to practice, practice and practice again! And use the tools. For example, Yoast plugin for WordPress provides a very powerful checklist to optimize the SEO of Zimbabwe Email List pages . And if you really want to make it your job, subscribe to a specialized tool like SEMrush . They are calculated using a sophisticated algorithm which analyzes the link profile of a website: yours but also any other. To make it even easier for you, Moz and Majestic each publish a Chrome extension: The MozBar , Or the Majestic Backlink Analyzer .

Once the extension is installed, you have these indicators directly within your search results. Now that you have a first idea of ​​how powerful your competition is, it’s time to move on to a more detailed analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. On the same subject : How to improve your SEO with the semantic cocoon? 3. Study the on-page optimization of your competitors Study the on-page optimization of your competitors The idea here is to analyze the “ On-page ” optimization efforts made by your competitors. Is the targeted keyword present in the Title tag and in the H1, H2, H3,… subtitles?


A Comprehensive Report On Influence Marketing

Is the content on each of the positioned pages of sufficient quality and length? Sometimes you will have the good surprise to discover that a page is not fully optimized for a given keyword. This page is positioned only because of the authority of its domain. In this case, overtaking that competitor is usually quite straightforward. Conversely, you will identify a page with extremely qualitative and engaging content that is correctly referenced. In this case, all you have to do is pay particular attention to the writing of your pages to have a chance to make the weight. To get there, rely on the so-called “Skyscraper” method .


There are many tools that facilitate this analytical work, such as SEMrush or SEOptimer . Note : at #audreytips, we favor the use of SEMrush , even if it means supplementing it with another tool. 4. Analyze your SEO competition with the link profile Analyze the link profile of your competitors Even in 2020, netlinking remains the sinews of war in SEO. Indeed, the popularity of a website is measured by search engines according to the quantity and quality of links pointing to it. All of these links are referred to by SEO experts as the link profile. This is why, to complete this analysis of your SEO competitors, it is essential to analyze the inbound links (or backlink) available to your competitors.


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This study of your competitors’ link profiles is probably the most important of this competitive analysis. Here again, tools like Arhefs or Open Site Explorer are necessary to download the link profile of your competitors with: All of their links, The authority of the domain and the page, But also the anchor texts of the links. Once this profile is obtained, you benefit from a complete vision of their link-building strategy. Ask yourself the following questions: Do they have a lot of links, but come from a few domains? Did they allow themselves to be tempted by spammy or even “ black-hat ” techniques ?

What about the use of directories? On the contrary, have they focused their efforts on creating excellent content that automatically brings back links? Are the anchors of their links optimized or rather natural? With this analysis, you can orient your netlinking strategy in order to be able to compete with your competitors, and ultimately beat them. 5. Analyze the presence on social networks of your competitors Analyze the presence on social networks of your competitors The influence of social networks within Google’s algorithm, even if it seems to be of low weight, is no longer to be proven. It is therefore essential to study the presence of your competitors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube …

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