On both of these sites, it’s easy for readers to follow a link to your bio or career history. When you provide useful information on these sites, customers automatically see you as an authority. Pay attention to the recommended questions listed on each page. You Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers increase your online presence by contributing to groups of relevant pages. You might even be quoted on a blog, in an article, or on Twitter every now and then. Running out of topic ideas?

Pay attention to what is being said on your social media pages. Whether you realize it or not, followers provide plenty of topic ideas in their comments. Comment writers ask questions or mention topics they want you to elaborate on. Set aside a few days a month to explore the comments section of your blog, YouTube videos, and social media posts. You can go one step further and run monthly or weekly polls to give users the option of choosing their favorite topics.


Who Are The Content Creators Today?

Whatever you decide to do, this investment of time will help you produce content that is likely to be well received. 8. Plan content series Learning to leverage existing content can help you post more frequently. When most of your social media marketing efforts are done in-house, it’s often difficult to find the time. When researching solid topics, have a plan in place to leverage them across different platforms. Say you are writing a blog post about choosing a business name .

Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers


Why not illustrate the main steps of the process with the help of an infographic? Use these images to make a short video for Facebook or Instagram? You could then set up a series of numbered Tweets highlighting mistakes to avoid when choosing a name. You can even create picture quotes for Pinterest or write an e-book that covers the topic in more depth. And of course, you could also run an email newsletter to keep your customers up to date with all this exciting content.


Instagram Remains The Preferred Platform For Influencers

The possibilities are endless. Most importantly, you can deliver your content to all of your major platforms without getting too thin. 9. Make an impression Just being present on social networks is not enough to have an impact. You need a clear vision and a good understanding of the needs of your customers. While there is a lot to learn from big brands, focus on showcasing what makes your small business unique. Customers who buy “from the little ones” expect a personality that big brands struggle to show. Ultimately, don’t let your main goals get away from you.

Make sure that every post and every interaction has a function and a positive outcome. To be solid, a social media strategy must be based on concrete goals. It’s about connecting different touchpoints to deliver a cohesive experience, no matter where your customers interact with your brand. Social media is just one of the many ways to communicate with your customers. Tie them all together using our guide to creating a marketing plan .

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