It makes the information available in Japanese accessible to the user who in this example is English-speaking. Second example. It becomes easy to do a search associating keywords with the image of an object of which you do not know much South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email List . Say you want to replace a faulty part on your bike. Unfortunately, you don’t know the name of this room. You can take a picture of it and associate it with keywords like “how to fix” to find relevant answers like: The name of the room, Where is the nearest store to get it, The steps to follow for repairing your bike.

When is Google MUM scheduled to go live? To date, no specific release date has been announced. This new algorithm is currently in the testing phase in order to detect potential anomalies and malfunctions before marketing. Here is the information announced by the Mountain View firm about the imminent launch of its new algorithm: In the months and years to come, we will be making features and enhancements to our products related to MUM technology.


Why Is The Use Of Video Different In 2021?

Although we are only at the beginning of exploring MUM, it is an important step towards a future where Google can understand all the different ways people communicate and interpret information naturally ”. What impact on natural referencing? What impact on natural referencing? We can therefore rightly expect that the marketing of this new algorithm could have a more or less significant impact on natural referencing or SEO. It is difficult to know for now what will actually change.


But this new tool will surely give better visibility to quality content. Indeed, the precise and qualitative contents will be privileged by the algorithm: The contents which have a complete semantic field and which are related to the keywords which position, Optimized videos, images and audios (MUM being visual-oriented), Videos and audios in the content with full information on Alt tags, Multimedia content, the size of which is transcribed and optimized, Optimized voice searches, Careful content in display and presentation …


How Can Your Business Stand Out?

These are interesting avenues to explore in order to guarantee optimal positioning while waiting until this new algorithm, announced as revolutionary, appears on the market. audrey: thank you Amélie for this description of this new algorithm. May I add that MUM is not going to be deployed all at once. This technology will be deployed gradually according to the types of research, the languages, etc. To conclude on the MUM algorithm With the launch of Google MUM, the company promises us a leap forward in the way we search for information as well as in the efficiency and relevance of search results. We are going to witness an innovative use and an efficiency that has not yet been achieved to date.

The Google company has not finished surprising us by adapting ever better to the constantly evolving needs of consumers. To prepare for it, follow these tips to optimize the SEO of your web content. To sum up in 3 questions Can the MUM algorithm impact my business site? MUM technology is said to be 1,000 times more powerful than the current BERT algorithm. It will provide the best possible response to the user by giving complete responses to long and complex requests. So if your website does not have qualitative, precise content, with an incorrect semantic cocoon, your site may be impacted.

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