It’s been a few months since I’ve been  Ukraine Phone Number List  wondering about telling you about infographics, which are a popular type of content on the web. Concretely according to Definitions Marketing , an infographic is, in Digital Marketing, a visual and ordered presentation of a generally complex subject. The initial goal of an infographic is to make people understand through the image. The infographic is often presented as a long poster that we scroll from bottom to top by scrolling the screen. Simply search for the keyword “ Infographic ” on Pinterest to see lots of examples. An infographic is also a very effective way to capture the attention of your future customers and make them want to contact you.

But since I’m not an expert in computer graphics, I asked Laurent for his opinion : Infographics are visual representations. They present information and data that would be difficult to digest otherwise. Infographics are great Marketing tools that you should consider using. Their advantages should not be underestimated. There is so much to say about infographics. In addition, the most important is not necessarily the computer graphics itself, but rather the reason for this type of support. This is what Mickaël DELAUNAY , my guest as an expert on computer graphics, will explain to you . Mickaël’s company, Carbuweb Media , takes care of the visibility of its clients’ websites.

Yeah, So How Do You Get Those Votes?

Table of contents [ show ] Getting the word out about your business is generally positive Getting the word out about your business is generally positive For most websites, the main issue on the Internet is brand awareness. In Digital Marketing, experts speak of popularity measured with authority . In particular, it is essential to be found on search engines. For Google for example, a site that is appreciated by Internet users will always have a higher position in its results. This satisfaction materializes with a website: Fast, With very precise content, Which perfectly answers the questions of Internet users. But not only ! Satisfaction will also materialize through your authority. More specifically


through the “editorial votes” that you will receive from sites that knowingly choose to mention you by inserting a link on their website. “Editorial votes”, you mean links? Yes, SEO experts are talking about backlinks. But I prefer “editorial vote” which is much more representative of what you need to get. Rather than talking about “links” or “netlinking”, I am simply talking about democracy . Did you also know that, until January 2017, Google had a page on its philosophy ? In section 4 of this page, Google discusses this notion of links with terms like “elected sites”, “new vote” and “democracy”. These editorial votes help you move forward. In other words, the sites vote for you because they consider that your site or your company deserves to be mentioned because of its expertise and the information you relay

What Is An Infographic?

In this sense, avoid countless listings on directories. Never buy from SEO links either. Indeed, should we “buy” votes in a democracy? And generally speaking, you never vote for yourself . Yeah, so how do you get those votes? Yeah, so how do you get those votes? This is an essential question that you must ask yourself to be better referenced by Google. Concretely, these votes are collected through communication campaigns. You make yourself talk by being proactive about what you do, and by sharing as much as possible. But share what? Getting interviewed by a major media outlet, for example, is an effective way to be mentioned. In this case, you are then sharing your experience.

But today let’s take a look at what are called infographics. What is an infographic? Computer graphics consist of illustrating a subject to make it more readable, clearer, more graphic, and generally more fun. Computer graphics even popularize complex subjects. Let’s get to the heart of the matter with an example of an infographic from VIA-AP , a heritage consulting company. What is an infographic? This infographic gives a detailed overview of the main money investments in France. The placements are so numerous and varied that it would be necessary to devote entire articles to them. With a well-designed infographic, the topic is illustrated in such a way that it is easier to tackle.This is why this third step of Funnel Marketing is intended to reassure your prospects about your future good collaboration.

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