Yes, there are more detailed other Macedonia Phone Number variants that each have their own sub-objectives, but today it’s about these five main directions. There it goes: Careers website Recruitment website Vacancy website Campaign Macedonia Phone Number website Landing page To keep things a bit clear, I have prepared the same questions and answers for all different types of careers websites: For who is it? What is the purpose of Macedonia Phone Number the website? What should you pay attention to? Some examples.

Be Inspired By Leadership Macedonia Phone Number

The careers website For who is it? You use a careers website if you are a direct employer. You are a company or an organization that communicates directly with its desired target group. What is the purpose of the website? The purpose of a Macedonia Phone Number careers website is usually twofold. You want to show your employer brand, but above all you want to generate enough qualitative applicants to fill internal vacancies. What should you pay attention to? When developing a new careers site, you need to be very aware of the percentage of branding and the percentage of conversion you want to achieve.

Macedonia Phone Number

Inspired By Leadership Macedonia Phone Number

Do that before you select a supplier, because one agency (in recruitment web construction) is really not the other. A good example: a large international fast food chain had a brilliantly beautiful careers website developed by a really high-end creative agency. With a serious wow factor of a 10 with stars and balloons. The problem: The website was so cool, beautiful and creative that no more applicants came in. Also read: Structurally more success with recruiting colleagues Expensive lessons for recruitment The fast food chain had to switch to a more conversion-driven agency.

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