Of course you can also come into the Lebanon Phone Number picture by placing Google Display ads. Aimed at your target group, or advertising on LinkedIn. For example with a vacancy video. Email marketing can also be interesting. You can add a ‘keep me informed about new vacancies’ button on your own website, so that interested parties Lebanon Phone Number can register. If you are looking for a new IT person, you can have the vacancy sent directly to all people who are registered. Here’s how one software company did it: job alert Of course you can also Lebanon Phone Number use the network of your own employees by sending an internal mailing asking if they know another candidate. In return you can give a bonus.

Out Debra’s Inspiring Story Lebanon Phone Number

Content marketing is indispensable Lebanon Phone Number You mainly bind applicants if you provide relevant information. This is content that really matters and really helps the applicant find a new job. In the right format, through the right Lebanon Phone Number channel and at the right time. Information that ensures communication and Lebanon Phone Number interaction between applicant and organization. With content marketing you tell stories about your company, your products or services or about your employees in an exciting and catchy way.

Lebanon Phone Number

Debra’s Inspiring Story Lebanon Phone Number

To recruit new employees, for Lebanon Phone Number example, you write about how things are going. In your company, you make a video about a typical working day of an employee at your company. In the relevant position or you Lebanon Phone Number visually show what the induction period looks like at your company . Relevant stories Lebanon Phone Number specifically aimed at IT professionals that you share via LinkedIn. On your website, in a blog or on another social media platform are the means to enthuse potential applicants for your company.

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