For an effective audience analysis of a site, it is necessary to combine Google Analytics with qualitative analysis solutions and eye tracking solutions (Crazy Egg). Check out our article on user best practices to learn more. Define your Web Analytics strategy By creating a website, we are trying to achieve a goal . In order to assess the return on investment, it is necessary to define a Web Analytics strategy . Before embarking Denmark Phone Number List the analysis of reports , statistics or writing its content , we develop an editorial strategy , because it is necessary to define a strategy. You need to start by setting the goals . It’s important to : Define the site’s objectives : increase traffic , improve turnover …;


Define the KPIs (key indicators) which will make it possible to measure whether the objectives have been achieved: number of visitors, bounce rate, etc .; Create a marking plan ; Installer Google Tag Manager ; Analyze reports ; Perform tests by modifying a page, a title …; Decide. The objectives of a site can be brought to change, it is therefore necessary to regularly update its Web Analytics strategy . Web Analytics Strategy Google Tag Manager This is a tool allowing you to collect all the data necessary to manage and improve your marketing . Google Tag Manager focuses more on how your website users behave. The goal is to track all kinds of data , such as:

Google Analytics Provides A Number Of Features

The clicked call-to-action ; Subscriptions to your newsletter ; AdWords conversions ; The clicks on a product; Downloads of a document (PDF, white paper, etc.); The products removed or added in the basket; The depth of the scroll in the page; The drop basket in the control tunnel ; The triggering and playing time of a video ; … The marking plan The tagging plan (or the tagging plan ) is a specification intended for the implementation of a Web Analytics tool . This document defines your tracking needs to measure key performance indicators specific to your business. It can take any shape you want (in most cases an Excel file or PowerPoint). Tagging plan extract The tagging plan guides the person in charge of setting up tracking and monitoring it .

It describes the organization and supports you in the deployment of the beacons. It thus makes it possible to have a complete follow-up of the actions carried out (or to be carried out) on a website in order not to forget elements (exclude its IP address …). The tagging plan takes into account different indicators and specific data that we want to obtain – such as the conversion rate , the abandonment rate and the conversion funnels – which make it possible to condition the types of tags or markers that will be used. and their configuration. Specific tags and settings can then be used to collect e-commerce data (products, price, quantity, etc.), to perform scroll tracking , form analysis or to measure clicks on different elements. of a page.

What Is Google Analytics?

To go well beyond the installation of the unique default tracking code of a web analysis solution, the realization of a tagging plan requires a certain level of technical expertise. The subtleties of Google Analytics The user For Google Analytics , a user is not a natural person, but a cookie . A cookie is a file on the Internet user’s computer which records information about him in order to “recognize” him on his next visit. On the other hand, if a person deletes his cookies , when he connects again to the site, he will be considered as a new user . Example 1: If a person uses his computer then his tablet and finally his smartphone to consult the same site, for Google Analytics there will have been 3 different users.

The sessions A session ends after 30 minutes of inactivity or if the browser is closed. If an Internet user returns to the site after terminating a session, this creates a new session. The bounce rateTable with descriptions of each bounce rate. The bounce rate represents the percentage of Internet users who entered a web page and left the site without viewing other pages. A high bounce rate can reveal visitors ‘ dissatisfaction due to bad content, a too long page, bad targeting … It can however also indicate that they immediately found what they were looking for .

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