The description Related: Determine Belgium Phone Number which action is the strongest and make that action the ‘finite verb’, ie the most important verb in the sentence. English readers pay Belgium Phone Number attention to that. If you can choose between a verb and adjective, choose the verb. ” The laughing man left ” is technically an active phrase. ‘ Left  Belgium Phone Number ‘ is rather boring though. ‘ The man laughed as he left ‘ is more colorful and attractive. If you can’t make a description of the verb, you don’t necessarily have to make it an adjective. ‘ The man left, laughing ‘ is more beautiful than ‘ the laughing man left ‘. Also read: How to recognize the Dutchman in business.

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I’m writing’ There are different Belgium Phone Number ways of writing about the ‘now’, the present tense, in both English and Dutch. But in Dutch some forms are used less often. Dutch people Belgium Phone Number  who write in English sometimes seem allergic to the present continuous : to  . Something like ‘the business grows quickly’ then becomes ‘ the business grows quickly ‘. An English-speaking reader would rather Belgium Phone Number see: ‘ the business is growing quickly ‘. This immediately illustrates the most common usage of this verb form. Something that is still developing at the time of speaking should never be written in the simple present form the business grows.

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Developing a Belgium Phone Number new product

‘I’m changing my clothes’ and  Belgium Phone Number ‘ the sound is diminishing’ are okay. ‘ We develop a new product’ is not. In Dutch, ‘I’m writing an article’ is completely correct. You will Belgium Phone Number not often come across ‘I write an article ‘. Ask a Question You should keep this thought in mind when asking a question. In Dutch you can ask Belgium Phone Number a colleague or child: ‘Are you listening?’ In English the verb +ing comes around the corner again: ‘ Are you listening? ‘ instead of ‘ Do you listen?’ † Even if the activity is linked to a fixed time, you use the discussed form. For example: ‘ I’m working in Eindhoven this week’ or ‘ It’s always snowing in Canada.

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