To optimize this workflow. Carl would have a personalized inbox view that included ‘carl’ or ‘cs – level 3’ tags. Monitor individual team performance to identify and remove roadblocks no matter how well your team is organized. If you can’t measure the effectiveness of their social efforts. All the foundational work you’ve done could go to waste. Having insight into your team’s productivity enables you to identify and find solutions for any roadblocks and be a resource to team members who are stretched for bandwidth. Leveraging sprout’s team reports. You can dig into individual performance insights focused on either incoming or outgoing messages. The inbox team report is a great place to start because it sheds light into your team’s customer care efforts and allows you to benchmark over time.

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Within customized time periods. You can see helpful Software Managers Email Lists like the average time it took to respond to a new incoming message for the whole team. This report can also filter the performance metrics for specific team members. For example. If you’d like to see the average first reply and average wait time for customers with only negative customer service issues. You can sort the report by your team members who specifically respond to negative escalations. Finally. You can break down performance metrics (like total replies. Average reply time. Slowest reply time. Etc.) by individual team members. Enabling you to emulate practices from your top performers or address gaps with lower performing team members. The publishing team report will similarly show you publishing behavior by team member.

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This report will help you understand how many posts each team member is publishing within your specific time period and the % of total posts their contribution makes up. Tip: if you would like to see a breakdown of what the published posts specifically were. We’d recommend each publisher to add their name as a tag on each post they publish. Then you can use the tag report and select the team member’s name to see a list of messages and post-performance metrics. Make the most of your team’s precious time setting up team structure can be daunting. But investing time in it can help your team’s efficiency and productivity to give you back more strategic time as a manager. Remember that all of this begins with tagging. So visit the sprout app now to set up your tags. If you’re ready to personalize your inbox. Create an inbox view here. Happy tagging! Having thousands of followers is great. But unless you’re able to keep them engaged it’s irrelevant. You need to share relevant content that resonates with your audience and gets them to take action. To get started. You can analyze twitter followers to learn more about who’s following.

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