One of the most extraordinary aspects of the greeting ceremony is that the male and female alternate their calls in such a well-orchestrated manner that their entire concert sounds as if it is performed by one bird. Sometimes when a couple is flying above you, you will hear one call and then the other, and this will help you tell the difference Germany Phone Number List the two sounds. Doesn’t the second text seem easier to understand and read to you? In general, to be readable, your sentences must be short and use everyday language that is easy to understand . You will then avoid too complex turns by favoring ” clear language “. Web writing takes into account many parameters, mainly:


Simple words Short sentences A language adapted to the target of readers Airy text formatting Careful semantics A recurrence of keywords … Here are some examples of tools for writing on the web in a readable and effective way that will improve the reading time of your web pages, the quality and SEO of their content. Improve the readability of your articles Among the good tools for writing on the web, we can first mention . is an algorithm for measuring the readability of your texts and instantly and free of charge to check its chances of grabbing the attention of your readers from the first seconds.

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This practical tool helps you improve the quality of your content , increase your ROI and boost your sales . How? ‘Or’ What ? by analyzing content via monitoring of your web pages, by a readability measurement tool (length of words and sentences, number of words per paragraph, etc.), by marking your texts with a spell and grammar checker. Correct your syntax and spelling style Writing well is not just about writing beautiful sentences. The care to be taken in spelling and syntax is essential to make reading easier . Indeed, misspellings every three words can quickly annoy the reader and discourage him. well-writing-tools-for-the-web To avoid this drama, use Hemingway App Editor , the text editor that highlights common mistakes, spelling and grammar mistakes, sentence lengths and complexity.

Thanks to this tool, writing for the web becomes child’s play! Check the length of your items Letter Counter is the ideal tool to measure the length of your texts . Indeed, web editors produce content according to a set number of words or characters. When a standard-sized blog post was 250 words a few years ago, it is recommended today to produce articles of at least 500 words to ensure better SEO . We can count around 3000 signs (spaces included) for +/- 500 words. Enrich your language and vary your terms We were previously talking about semantics. A varied language is the guarantee of a better reading rate.

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So vary your lexical field ! Use the Electronic Synonyms Dictionary (DES) to find synonyms for your most common words. Answer your readers’ questions Other tools for writing on the web can help you create new, original and engaging content. Take the example of ” Answer the Public ” which lists the most frequently asked questions on search engines . answer-the-public Thus, if you are lacking inspiration, this tool for writing on the web will offer several questions to answer in connection with the theme you want to address. Translate your content A multilingual site requires the translation of texts into several languages.

Make your life easier with Reverso , which not only translates your vocabulary into all languages, but also offers full translations of your texts . To simply translate an expression or a blog article, Reverso is your free online translation tool . Optimize your SEO Web writing necessarily involves natural referencing of content . The choice of keywords and their use in your texts are therefore particularly important. A professional copywriter will be able to work on the SEO of your pages thanks to positioning techniques for your keywords. But you can also help yourself from to do this. This tool suggests keywords to include in your content to optimize their referencing on search engines.

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