11 2019 The candidates change! Every  Australia WhatsApp Number List  day, we realize that the world is changing, that companies are changing, that employees have new expectations, but we often forget that candidates also aspire to something else … And yet the recruitment interviews have not changed, or so little We can continue to do as before, we can tell ourselves that people no longer want to work, or that people should not complain because we offer a job! It is time that many of us (the leaders) understood that we are in a period of almost full employment in many French metropolises , in any case with the full employment of qualified, motivated and competent people. We all wanted to fight unemployment

which is a good thing, but today we are facing the difficulties of countries with full employment, and we are only at the beginning. Two MV Group employees in front of their laptops We must realize that we are entering a real war for talents whose only solution is not only the salary, but the quality of the company, the meaning it brings, its values, its ability to trust and give its chance to grow its teams, pass it on to others, and provide its employees with a unique adventure . All businesses are affected And all companies are and will be affected for 3 main reasons: The economic situation is favorable and it favors natural turnover because employees remain less attached to their head office than in times of crisis. The new generations like to change , live adventures, go around the world etc. When you recruit a junior,

All Businesses Are Affected

that is his first position, even if the company is top notch, some give themselves 2 years maximum to look even better. For others , it is the age pyramid that will create movement So even if the company is perfect, life means that it will now have regular recruitment needs. It will have to seduce and have arguments so that the talents are at home rather than among the competitors. To change things It is time for all of us to realize the importance of making a difference if we are to continue to grow our businesses: Change media to recruit Give yourself the means to go through a recruitment firm if necessary Build your employer brand And be much more transparent about the company, the position, or the team. On the other hand, be careful to stay aligned between the discourse and real life in the company,


otherwise the sanction falls immediately: the employee does not stay. 8 key points to improve But it is especially the recruitment interviews that must evolve, and the entire associated process. The right candidate is a rare “gem”, he must be taken care of and pampered at every step. Contact: as soon as contact is made, be responsive, sympathetic, empathetic and have respect. Responding: learning to respond to all applicants is just a minimum of respect. A reputation is built every day, it cannot be decreed, it is the daily acts that build it. Welcome: the welcome in the company must be pleasant, reassuring, it must feel the atmosphere, meet employees who say hello, see them smiling. Maintenance: during the interview, be in “exchange

To Change Things

,” mode and above all do not put yourself in a position of superiority. We still too often hear from candidates who tell us that they have experienced this type of interview, it does not especially make them want to join the company. Clear: be explicit in the mission, the functioning of the team, show the premises. Make people want: make people want because in the end, the right candidate is the one who will choose you… or not. Answer: even when the answer is negative following the interview, take the time to give the answer and the explanations of the choice. Onboarding: successful integration: this is a key moment for the employee as well as for the company. He gets out of his comfort zone by changing positions and for the company, it is time and investment. Success is important to everyone.

Do not forget that the first ambassadors of a company are its employees, and that they can become the first source of recruitment by developing cooptation, and these recruitments have a lot of value. Discover the tips that we give to candidates to succeed in their application: Tips and advice for an application to the p’tits onions MV Group employees in a meeting Recruitment without CV But in recruiting, it is possible to be even more innovative by recruiting without a CV , as we do for a large number of positions at MV Group . For 4 years, the results have been impressive. Feedback from candidates, in the experience they have had, the candidates that we have had and that we would never have had with a classic process.

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