Careful Indonesia Phone Number friends. Will find that in the selection of products she will never take risks. Among the fifty products, the pass rate. In her eyes is generally not more than 10%. In the previous simba incident, a fake bird’s nest can be said to directly Indonesia Phone Number bring him down. It can also be seen from this that wei ya has a choice between pros and cons. Is more far-sighted. Generally speaking, there are two types of e-commerce live broadcast positioning. One is to learn to dig deep into your. Own advantages and find a suitable way to sell products. The second is to find ways on the opponent, such as observing the reaction of the fans of the competitor and choosing.

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The profit path, because Indonesia Phone Number in the industry, we can always find a better role model than ourselves, we can watch his live broadcast to analyze him. Pay more attention to what products, how to make them, what are the. Needs of fans, price, quality, brand Indonesia Phone Number or live broadcast style and sales methods that attract fans, and then create with their own advantages. Wei ya chose the safest way to build the trust of fans in reverse by. Using her own advantages and creating advantages. This decision happened to be one of the most critical factors for her success, and it also attracted many fans for her. Many personal trust values. 02 user operation. Good positioning alone is not enough.

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For e-commerce, users are “money” and the main driver of conversion rate. Wei ya’s success is obviously not an overnight Indonesia Phone Number achievement, so how did she accumulate fans, and then i will tell you about the tricks in it. There is no doubt that the end Indonesia Phone Number users of e-commerce live. Broadcasts are fans. Finding profit points from fans’ reactions is one of the necessary skills. For e-commerce anchors, this is a fast and feasible method, so how to conduct user operations becomes extremely important. Viya’s taobao fans from 0-34.5 million are not only maintained by high-frequency live broadcasts, but. Also by continuous user operations. For e-commerce anchors, if they want to do a good job in user operation.

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