Keyword rankings: check if relevant pages that were previously well ranked have lost their place in the serps and strengthen internal links to attract crawlers to urls with higher ranking potential.
Backlink profile: map all the pages that receive valuable backlinks and check if your redirects are working properly. 404 errors on these links will not only hurt your domain’s ranking, but they will also affect the user experience.
Migrations can go smoothly if your foundation is done with large-scale testing and risk mitigation.

In addition to the technical processes we


mention throughout this post, it’s best to perform on-site optimizations on your content pages to recapture long-term organic traffic.

When we brought the old rock content blog in spanish to the South Korea WhatsApp Number List global website as a subfolder, we suffered a huge drop in our google ranking.

The tide only started to turn in our favor at the end of the year, after intense months of heavy content distribution, publishing, pruning, updating, and link building. The following graph shows these results:

long-term thinking pays off.

Now, rock content’s global website is ranked 13th on

South Korea WhatsApp Number List

similarweb for the online marketing category, receiving over 7 million sessions each month and growing.

Do not be afraid. With the right planning and tactics, you can master any website migration that comes your way.

We hope your journey to a new website is a stellar one!
If you work with email marketing (as basically all marketers do), you’ve probably started to worry about how all the recent privacy regulations and changing industry rules are affecting your strategies and how to adapt to all of that.

Well, you’re not alone: ​​a survey called ” email in 2022 ” found that 74% of marketing leaders about impending privacy changes, while 82% of organizations. The are preparing and commits to better organizational alignment.

A lot seems to be changing, from apple ‘s ios 15 and. The mpp, to the deprecation of app tracking data and new government regulations.

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