Designer and illustrator kiko farkas shares tips for developing. Projects that take the publishing experience further how can graphic design give another meaning and offer a new reading. To a publication at the head of máquina estúdio since 1987, kiko farkas is known for his attention to the development of an editorial project integrated with the graphic project that broadens the visual. Experience of publications, books and posters. Kiko marked an important milestone in the production of contemporary posters in brazil, especially when maquina estúdio coordinated the visual communication of osesp, the são paulo state symphony orchestra. A compilation of these posters was published in book form and can be seen in many exhibitions in brazil and abroad.


The Posters Created for the Osesp São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra.

The designer has already been awarded the jabuti photo background removing award for best cover of the year, in 2007, with the book ferdyduke , edited by companhia das letras, and is a founding member of the adg association of graphic designers of brazil. Maquina estúdio was also responsible for the development of the emblematic marca brasil , the. Visual identity of the brazilian tourism sector abroad. Kiko farkas the emblematic designer of the brazilian poster 3 kiko at an autograph signing session.

Kiko farkas the emblematic designer of the brazilian poster 4 marca brasil, a visual identity developed by máquina estúdio. The secret of a good graphic design the secret is to think of the visual identity as a whole, from. The information to be transmitted to the materiality and manageability of the object that will carry the content, its physical characteristics and its operation.

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Exchange and feedback with the advancement of technology.

The book has become an object, the text is on the BLB Directory internet, says kiko, so it is important to think about the materiality of the object. For example, when developing the editorial project for the new edition. Of 1984 , a book by george orwell published by the companhia das letras, kiko asked himself what. Comment he could make about this work today, what current elements he could. Contribute to the graphic design of the book, how make your language current.

Kiko farkas the emblematic designer of the brazilian poster 6 kiko. Farkas the emblematic designer of the brazilian poster 7 essential tools language and. Sight according to kiko, two of the essential tools in the work of a graphic designer. Are sight and language drawing as language, as a communication and reasoning tool, and sight as perception. What people see and how. They absorb ultimately, it is all a matter of how the viewers perception is. Awakened and invited to interpret the visual product.

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