We offer you some tools to help you write well on the web. In the era of content marketing , it is essential to know and use the right tools to write well on the web . But what should you do when you are not a web editor yourself? How to produce effective content that will attract and interest new visitors? To work on your content, as part of an editorial campaign or France Mobile Number Database your site, learn to write like the pros. Improve your web writing practices with the tools of professional writers . Engage the reader with writing and copywriting methods Whether you are in the process of redesigning your website or your content is not achieving the expected results, ask yourself the question:


” Is my content sufficiently well written and adapted to the web format?” content-marketing-1280We can never say it too often: good content is the key to effective SEO . Each business wishing to attract traffic to its site should consider content marketing as a tool for commercial attraction in the same way as advertising via paid search . But writing for the web is not innate, and there are many tools available to help you write well on the web . Before embarking on this editorial adventure, make sure that the writing of your content is entrusted to a person who has a good command of the French language . Because none of the methods or tools that will follow can replace the know-how of a good writer.

How To Do When You Are Not Yourself A Web Editor?

However, they can greatly simplify his work and save him precious time . And any editorial error can be avoided. A successful blog post has certain rules, including knowing some useful methods to grab the attention of your readers . A quick overview … The AIDA method Developed by Elias St Elmo Lewis in 1898, the AIDA method is based on 4 simple phases. Warning: a catchy title, an intriguing header, powerful keywords, an image that catches the eye are all elements that grab the attention of your readers from the beginning of your article .

From the first seconds, your article should grab attention to avoid leaving your site. Benefit: Your content must offer relevant, clear and quality information because it must keep the promise that you present in your main title . Otherwise, your readers will not find the answer to what they came for. Desire: your article must make people want , want to know more about what you have to offer, want to read it to the end to finally find the answer to the question they are asking themselves and even more … Action: Too often neglected, this aspect of the article is sometimes even forgotten. Behind each article is an opportunity. Get your readers to act by clicking for example on a button (call-to-action) or to read other content likely to interest them …

Tools For Writing Well On The Web

For writing product sheets or blog content, this method has been widely proven. The QQOQCCP method Who, What, Where, When, How, How much, Why … Back to basics, this method often taught in the school curriculum, French teachers adore it for its quality of processing all aspects of information . It offers the opportunity to argue effectively on an idea during a written composition. Journalists are fond of this method of writing their papers. qqoqccp method The narrative method As its name suggests, the narrative method is based on “narration”. Always used by authors and writers, here you tell a story. Americans more generally use the term “Story Telling”.

This tool for writing on the web follows the following pattern: Problem: presentation of an initial situation posing a doubt, a problem or giving rise to a question . Action: trigger element disrupting the initial situation. Plot : unfolding of the story and its twists and turns. Resolution: answer to the problem. Conclusion: end of story or moral. If your content takes your readers into a universe that you created just for you, resulting in a “Happy Ending”, it’s a safe bet that you will easily be able to convert them and retain them . The PPPP method The method of Henry Hoke , famous American author, is one of the tools for writing well on the web which is similar to the AIDA method.

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