Wait at least 2 weeks for new stats, then repeat this tip as often as needed, to see how your page stats are changing over time. You can probably double or even triple your click-through rate with this technique, but still allow a few Mauritania Email List to see results. My advice : a good CTR for a generic keyword is around 5%. So to play on the CTR, work on your title to make them as catchy as possible. But don’t cheat, your title should always describe the content of the web page it relates to.

On the same subject : The 3 strategic objectives of SEO 2. Use keywords and dashes in the filenames of your images Use keywords and dashes in the filenames of your images I have already told you about the importance of beautiful images in your content . And since your images must have a file name, why not include some keywords in order to optimize its natural referencing? It’s even better if you use dashes between words, like this: This tactic will not catapult your page to the top of the search engine results pages, but will give it a little boost.


Learn How To Gain Visibility With Your Content

And since it doesn’t take more than 2 minutes per page to implement this tactic, you might as well do it even if some SEO experts will say it’s useless. For my part, I use the WordPress extension “ Media File Renamer ” which automatically renames the images of my articles. I have configured this extension so that it renames the image file with the title of the article with a hyphen separator and eliminating the characters with accents. In addition, “Media File Renamer” automatically appends a number at the end of the file name so that all images have a different name.


Also take the time to drag keywords into the Alt tags of your images. This is easy to do in WordPress or most other content management systems. Neil Patel advises to use the extension “ SEO Optimized images ” which informs the title and the attribute “Alt text” of your images with the choice of the title of the article, its category and / or the name of the file of the ‘picture. My advice : if you use WordPress like me, take 5 minutes to install these 2 plugins. And you won’t have to worry about this anymore since they will do the work for you with every new image posted.


Google Loves Me: Learn To Charm Google With Your Content

Note : While these extensions save you time, nothing beats doing it by hand. You will be more precise and therefore more relevant to your SEO. 3. Boost your pages that appear on pages 2-3 of search results Google Search Console also easily gives you the ranking of your pages in the search results. Log in to your Google Search Console account, Go to the “Performance” report, Then, click on the “Average Position” heading in purple. Plus click on the “filter” icon under the table header: 6 simple tactics to optimize your SEO Not all pages with an average position greater than 10 appear on the first page.

As a result, very few people will see them. Indeed, like the vast majority of Internet users, you never bother with results beyond the first page. But with a little effort, you can move the results up from page 2 to the first page. Here are my 3 tips to make your pages go up : Identify the pages that appear on the first page and add links to them that point to the pages you want to rank up, Work a little on the content of these pages with the keywords that made them appear on the second page to make them more useful to your visitors, Review the title and meta description as mentioned above.

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