Let’s see how you can bring this thinking to your brand with responsibility and action (and not just marketing), with some great real-world examples from companies that are already doing it.

Diversity of brands
the first thing that brands should consider when including diversity in their guidelines is that a brand represents what the company is in terms of beliefs, behaviors, vision and characteristics, such as a person’s personality and life story.

So, just like with a person, if you try


to advertise something you’re not or don’t believe in, you’re on your way to failure.

Before including diversity in your brand, start including it in your business , in employee conversations, in trainings, and understand. The diversity within your culture.

Only then can you take the next step and work on diversity for your. The brand Philippines WhatsApp Number List and marketing — which is awesome — and don’t get me wrong, i want to encourage you to do so.

Implementing diversity in your brand and business

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will be great for your employee experience, business revenue, and of course building a better world.

According to mckinsey analysis , companies that have cultural and ethnic minorities on their teams are 36% more likely to be the most profitable in their industries.

Get inspire by diversity initiatives in the world of ads
recently, publicis media announced the launch of a marketplace to increase. The representativeness , giving its clients the opportunity to access a vetted inventory of publishers. The serving underrepresented communities, focused on increasing reach to diverse audiences.

Dubbed the ‘diverse and inclusive media exchange’ (dime) , the exclusive. The marketplace for publicis clients is intended to offer more inclusive content, according to publicis media uk ceo sue frogley.

Taking one of the most expensive ad slots for inspiration, super bowl ads. The have delighted audiences in recent years with diverse casts and real-life narratives.

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