By anticipating good times and accepting that Guatemala Phone Number this is part of behavioral change, it doesn’t feel like failure. It is important to plan an action that will get you out of that dip. Babauta suggests a meditative moment but you can also write about where you are, what is happening, what you find. And think about what can help you get back on track. At times when you are successful with your new behavior, capture that feeling in a picture, a quote, a word, a sentence.

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Bring it back if things don’t go well. If you’re disappointed that something doesn’t work, you only have disadvantages. Baling is a negative Guatemala Phone Number sensation and by being bad, what you wanted doesn’t happen any more. Why doesn’t it happen and what can help? Two problems for the price of one The moment the new behavior becomes difficult, the idea threatens that the project has failed. That you didn’t do it right. That you haven’t worked hard enough.

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Disappointment! The next downside to this thought is that you will blame yourself for being disappointed. In other words, you are disappointed that you are disappointed. Therapist Albert Ellis, founder of RET/REBT, describes in his book How to Stubbornly Refuse to Make Yourself Miserable About Anything–Yes, Anything ! strategies for arguing with yourself when these thoughts arise. Written in a more appetizing way, Mark Manson explains this in his book The Subtle Art of not giving a Fuck under the name The Feedback Loop from Hell.

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