Analyze the positioning of your web pages Last tool and not the least: Ubersuggest to analyze the positioning of your content on the web. Ubersuggest presents you with numerous statistics, the links that point to your site, the positioning of your keywords, those that generate more traffic … A valuable tool to keep a concrete view on the writing efforts that Hong Kong Phone Number List still need to be made to improve your site traffic and identify at a glance the pages to be reworked. ubersuggest Does web writing seem too complex to you? Are you running out of time to create optimized and relevant content?


It is important to take into account the different types of access to information by users according to their approach: precise navigation (targeted search for information) and know exactly what they want, imprecise navigation (no targeted search), they discover your site, keyword on search engines . We can then define the most suitable interactions (buttons, menus / submenus, search engine, contextual links, etc.). Care should be taken with the terminologies used as there are uses and conventions that must be taken into account. This is generally true when it comes to UX. We can then speak of UX Pattern. Permanent adaptation is necessary

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The work and the reflection on the architecture of a site is never really finished. We must stay in a lean approach , via user tests or other means to challenge the existing one (ABtest, Heatmap, Analytics, tree structure test, etc.). This approach makes it possible to continuously adapt the platform to users and to improve its performance : User expectations, as we know, fundamentally guide the choices of UX designers, It seems almost impossible to find the perfect solution from the design of a digital platform, The contents of a site are rarely static.

The content offered is gradually enriched and the strategies of organizations sometimes lead to transforming architectures. To remember ! The information architecture of your website is the first step in your UX approach , it is essential. The complexity of this step is due to the fact that it is guided both by a marketing strategy (acquisition) and by the necessary response to user expectations (quite different from an internal vision!). We need to adopt a holistic approach, constantly challenged and optimized to measure its performance , because there is no definitive solution when it comes to digital. Do not hesitate to discuss it with us !

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This type of workshop works well and allows questions, emotional states and user needs to be materialized. At Adimeo, when user journeys are not the subject of a common vision or need to be rethought, we are quite fond of the “cadavre exquis” workshop. The Exquisite Corpse Game is a collective writing game invented by the surrealists around 1925 in Paris. This game bears this name because the first sentence performed in this way was: “The corpse / exquisite / will drink / the wine / new.” “). The process is as follows: Each sheet folded in an accordion represents a journey for a given persona Each participant secretly writes down the ideal persona touchpoints at each step of the journey.

He conceals it from the next person by folding up the paper. Thus, each one makes a proposal without knowing what the other participants wrote before him. When the sheet has gone around the participants, we unfold it and share the different opinions to draw up the omnichannel expectations for the personas. We make a unique strategy from all the opinions 2. Ideation phase The ideation phase includes what is called the ideation workshop . Brainstorming workshops, focus groups … These are excellent tools for bringing out solutions to the problems encountered.

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