Target and bet on long tail words One of the most effective techniques you can adopt to optimize your voice search is to target long tail keywords. SEO analysis of your content is important as is how you choose how to optimize it. Thus, the long tail Faroe Islands Email List are terms and phrases which, as their name suggests, are longer than the usual queries. These queries are therefore often specific and what is more, most sites ignore them in favor of shorter and more competitive keywords. These long tail keywords represent about 70% of all search queries made (source CWS ).

Of course, they are less competitive, but no less important. Something else to consider when targeting these long tail keywords is how people use voice search. Unlike a written query during a search, voice queries are expressed more like a person speaking in everyday life. My advice : By targeting those conversation pieces and phrases that answer questions, you are more likely to rank higher in search results and therefore appear first. 6. Improve accessibility to your data Improve accessibility to your data Make this the easiest for the Google robot: To retrieve information from your company’s website, And to understand what it is all about.


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This will greatly increase your chances that the search engine will use your content to respond to users’ voice queries. For this, in addition to adding your information to Google My Business, you need to provide a sitemap to Google including information like: The prices, The location of your store if it has a physical address, Your opening hours, As well as your phone number. Creating your sitemap requires the proper use of tags so that the data is understood by the robot.


My tip : To make sure your data is structured properly, use Google’s free structured data markup helper to learn what kind of content you can tag around. In addition, this tool also helps you to create valid HTML pages step by step. 7. Speed ​​up your website Why is this important for voice search? Quite simply because the users using it want immediate results. In addition, Google announced that their “speed update” now takes into account in the ranking of a search the speed at which a page loads on the phone, and this globally.


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On average, it takes 15 seconds to load a home page on the phone, where the best time should be below 3 seconds (source ThinkWithGoogle ). My advice : if you do not rank well in the results of a phone search, you are probably having problems loading pages on your website . As a result, it’s highly likely that it will affect your voice search opportunities as well. On the same subject : Google Search Console, the essential tool to improve your… The future of voice search The future of voice search Google voice search has been integrated into Google’s virtual assistant, Google Now, for several years.

Everyone agrees that Google Now is significantly more precise than Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana or even Amazon’s Alexa despite their similar mode of operation. This is surely due to Google’s combination of its powerful search algorithms with its sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NPL) technology. In addition, he would even consider adding the results of voice query data to his Google Search Console. The world of research continues to evolve at full speed. All Digital Marketing experts need to learn new strategies to stay up to date with these changes.

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